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Read Our Blog - Expert Advice for Traveling in the GTA & Flying Internationally

Get tips and advice on travelling right here at AirFlight Services in Concord. You can just check back on our blog frequently to see what’s new in the travel industry.


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  • Limo service
    5 Tips to Choose the Best Limo Service for Business Trips

    You and your business only have 7 seconds to make a good impression when trying to get more business.


    It's crucial for you to take advantage of meeting with new clients by making a positive statement they won't forget.


    One of the best ways to professionally present yourself is by hiring a limousine service. Keep reading to learn the 5 tips to keep in mind when searching for the best limo service when traveling to Toronto.

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  • airport limousine
    Benefits of Choosing an Airport Limousine Service

    Travelling to and from an airport can be hectic. It’s important to hire a transportation service that meets all your requirements, whether you are going on a business trip or a vacation. Renting a car and navigating through the traffic to find the way can be a nightmare. Limousine services offer the most comfortable, sophisticated and luxurious means of transportation. With skilled and uniformed chauffeurs, the experience of travelling in a limousine can be inexplicable. Count on AirFlight Services for prompt airport limousine services in Toronto and the GTA. We have been providing flat-rate taxi and limousine services since 1969.

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  • flat rate taxi Toronto
    How Relying on a Limo Service for Sightseeing Can Be Beneficial?

    When visiting an unfamiliar city, you are generally stressed about transportation from the airport to various sightseeing locations. Renting a car to drive is tiring and poses several challenges, such as finding a parking spot or checking for the right routes. Using a limo service rather than renting a car can make your travelling more relaxed and comfortable. Limousines are known for their style, luxury and well-equipped amenities that can make your trip an unforgettable one. Count on AirFlight Services to make your sightseeing easier with reliable limo service. We also provide flat rate airport services throughout Toronto. Our chauffeur can transport you from and to the airport to any sightseeing location of your choice.

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  • Airport Taxi
    Five Things to Consider Before Booking an Airport Taxi

    Travelling of any kind, be it for a business meeting or a vacation, can be exhausting. Renting a car on your own will be time-consuming and tiring. Hiring a professional airport transportation service for your travel will ensure you reach your destination on time. With an airport taxi, you can relax in a temperature-controlled environment as your chauffeur transports you to your location.

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  • efficient-packing-tips-for-business-trip
    How to Pack Efficiently for Your Next Business Trip

    Packing for a business trip may seem tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re a seasoned business traveller or you’re embarking on your first trip for work, making sure your bags are packed efficiently will make your life on the road easier. Here are some things to consider.


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  • air-travel-etiquette
    7 Air Travel Etiquette Rules You Must Follow

    Air travel can be a stressful and frustrating experience. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your best to be polite and ensure your journey — as well as that of your fellow passengers — is as pleasant as possible. Here are seven airport and airplane etiquette tips everyone should follow.



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  • Travel Apps
    Travel Apps That Make Every Voyage a Breeze

    Modern technology has made the world a smaller place, and formerly exotic locales are now easier than ever to visit. Similarly, when it comes to planning family vacations and work trips, smartphone apps have become indispensable. Here are some that’ll make every step of your voyage a breeze. 

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  • Honeymoon Destinations
    7 Great Honeymoon Destinations

    After the stress of planning a wedding and the big day itself, many couples look forward to unwinding on their honeymoon. If you’re planning your own post-wedding trip, but aren’t sure where to go, here are seven romantic honeymoon destinations you may want to consider.

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  • CN Tower view
    4 Labour Day Weekend Getaways in and Around the GTA

    If you’re looking to make plans for Labour Day weekend, why not consider vacationing in the Greater Toronto Area? The region is home to several beautiful landmarks and interesting events. One weekend won’t be enough to see everything the GTA has to offer, but it can make a great start!

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  • Taxi and Limo Etiquette
    Taxi and Limo Etiquette

    Travelling, whether for business or pleasure, is simultaneously stressful and exciting. These emotions, combined with any new experiences you might be faced with, can make for an overwhelming trip. That’s why it’s a good idea to prepare yourself beforehand. For example, if you’re not used to renting taxis or limos, but plan to do so on your vacation, why not brush up on the etiquette that’s expected of you? Here’s what you should know.

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  • Layover at Pearson Airport
    What to Do When You Have a Long Layover at Pearson International Airport

    Pearson International Airport is the busiest airport in Canada and the main hub for Air Canada. This means that whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally, there’s a chance you’ll end up with a layover at this airport. Here are some things you can do to kill time while waiting for your next flight.


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  • taxi service for your corporate account
    Choosing the Right Taxi Service for Your Corporate Account

    If your employees frequently travel as part of their job, ensuring timely transportation is crucial. Missed flights can end up costing you a lot of money. So when choosing a airport taxi service to ensure reliability, here’s how to choose the right airport taxi service for your corporate account.


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  • Toronto airport sign on a highway
    Which Toronto Airport Should You Use?

    With four airports in and around the Toronto area providing commercial airline services, choosing the right one for your particular travel plans is important. To help you make the right choice, here’s a guide to Toronto’s airports.


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  • Man with a carry on bag at the airport
    How & What to Pack in Your Carry-On

    Knowing how to pack a carry-on bag is an essential life skill. Follow this carry-on packing list to ensure your next trip goes as smoothly as possible.


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  • Pearson airport limo in Toronto Ontario
    Travel Tips for the Nervous Flyer

    Advice from Toronto’s Favourite Airport Limo Service

    Any nervous flyer will agree that a good travel experience is all about finding strategies to minimize the stress of flying as much as possible. For our customers who suffer anxiety and stress during air travel, our airport limo service experts at AirFlight Services have put together this list of useful tips to help you have a successful, even relaxing journey.

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  • Airport transportation in Toronto Ontario
    Tips for Travelling in Large Groups

    Advice from Toronto’s Favourite Airport Limo Service

    Travelling on your own is stressful enough — traffic on the way to the airport, long lines for checking baggage, delays, etc. But travelling in a large group makes all of those factors even more stressful and daunting. Suddenly, things like taking a cab or transporting luggage go from ‘standard concerns’ to ‘logistical nightmare’. But there are ways to make life easier, so you can enjoy your journey with your friends, colleagues, or family to the fullest. By following these simple tips from our airport limo service experts at AirFlight Services, you can make travelling in a large group an easy, less stressful experience.

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  • Airport transportation in Toronto Ontario
    Top Hidden Places in Toronto You Must Visit

    Advice from Toronto’s Favourite Airport Limo Service

    Toronto is a city with plenty of big tourist attractions to see. But for the more adventurous types searching for lesser-known spots to explore, there is endless number of things to do here. From the Instagram-worthy to the gothic and macabre, here is a list of the best hidden gems for you to discover that our limo sight-seeing service experts at AirFlight Services has compiled for your perusal.

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  • Airport taxi in Toronto Ontario
    The Best Ways to Beat Jet Lag

    Advice from Toronto’s Favourite Airport Limo Service

    Jet lag is the part of flying we all dread. Especially when travelling on business, the thought of going through meetings and late-night networking dinners exhausted and wanting to sleep is something everyone would rather avoid. At AirFlight Services, we not only get you to the airport safely and comfortably but also help you have the best travel experience overall. To help you beat jet lag, our airport limo service experts at AirFlight Services have compiled this list of tips to get you through.

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  • Person Airport transportation in Toronto Ontario
    The Best Time to Book Your Flight and Car Service

    Advice from Toronto’s Favourite Airport Limo Service

    One of the most important factors when it comes to travelling is knowing when to book. Whether you are hiring a limo service to take you to Pearson Airport or booking a flight across the world, timing is the key to ensuring you have the best, most relaxing journey possible. Here are some of our top tips curated by the airport limo service experts at AirFlight services:

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  • Airport limo in Toronto Ontario
    Pros and Cons: Hotel Stays Versus Airbnb

    Advice from Toronto’s Favourite Airport Limo Service

    With the growing popularity of Airbnb, a lot of people think that the days of getting off your flight and heading straight to the hotel are over. The Airbnb has become the go-to for travellers, but is it really the best option? When you are booking your next trip, it can be difficult to decide. Here is a list, created by the airport limo service experts at AirFlight Services, of pros and cons to help you decide what’s best.

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  • Toronto Island Airport limo in Toronto Ontario
    Tips and Tricks for the Busy Business Traveller

    Advice from Toronto’s Favourite Airport Limo Service

    If you fly often for business, you know how difficult it can be to manage all the logistics of flying while also trying to meet your work obligations. Everything becomes an exercise in managing time and knowing how to prevent unexpected problems. To help you travel smarter and reduce stress, here are some useful, easy tips for the busy traveller from our airport limo service experts at AirFlight Services.

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  • Airport limousine in Toronto Ontario
    What to Book in Advance to Make Your Flight Easier

    Useful Tips from Toronto’s Trusted Airport Taxi and Limo Service

    If you have not already learned this lesson, it is time you did. When travelling, always, always, always plan ahead! When trying to catch a flight, there are a number of factors between you leaving your home and getting on to the plane, which can get in the way and throw off plans or even make you miss a flight! Missing a flight means hours of waiting and expensive new tickets, the margin for error is zero.

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  • toronto airport limo service
    Air-Travel Survival Guide: The Long-Haul Flight

    Top 5 Tips for Making It Through - from Toronto’s Favourite Airport Limo Service

    The long-haul flight is thought of by most as a test of human strength and conviction that belongs on a list with challenges like tax audits, funerals and climbing mountains. Unless you are willing to put up the money for first class, you will be in for a very long flight with not enough leg room, uncomfortable seats, and mediocre food. But there are ways to make the journey a little more bearable. So, our airport transportation experts at AirFlight Services have compiled a list of our top 5 tips for making it through your long flight:

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  • Pearson airport transportation in Toronto Ontario
    Never Be Late Again: 5 Tips for Getting to the Airport on Time

    – Start by Booking Your Toronto Airport Limo Service!

    Being late is a major concern for anyone trying to catch a flight. The process of checking your bags and get through security already eats up a great deal of time, and when you’re in a rush, this can feel like an eternity. Plus, missing your flight is not only inconvenient, it’s expensive.

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  • pearson airport limo service
    Honeymoon Destinations in and Around Toronto

    Are you looking for the perfect honeymoon destination? Consider spending this special time exploring Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area and the Golden Horseshoe Area! There you’ll be given the opportunity to spend your days at some of the many fun and romantic attractions the city has to offer. To add a little extra romance, why not hire a Toronto Airport limousine? This way, you won’t need to worry about dealing with the frustrations of traffic or navigating the city. With Pearson Airport limo service, all you’ll have to do is sit back and relax with your new husband or wife as you’re chauffeured to your next destination. Here are several places you may want to visit.

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  • Toronto airport limo service
    Keep the Party Going with a Toronto Limo Service

    Whether you or a friend are reaching a major life milestone, or just want to throw a party, you’ll likely want to throw a distinguishable bash that all your guests will remember. Instead of having another typical night out, aim for awesome and make your celebration unforgettable. Here’s why hiring our luxurious Toronto Airport limo service will help.

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  • Toronto airport taxi service
    Why Are Some Taxis Yellow?

    If you’re at a Toronto airport and make use of our taxi service, you may notice that the vehicles in our fleet aren’t the classic yellow you see on television. While our cars and limos aren’t this colour, many taxis are, so why are some taxis yellow? Where did this familiarity come from?

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  • airport transportation taxi airport limo service Toronto
    What to do if Your Flight from Toronto is Cancelled?

    While travelling is fun and often times exhilarating, you can’t deny that it can also be rather stressful. The last thing you need is for your tight itinerary to be hijacked by a cancelled flight. Alas, it’s quite common for flights to be cancelled and it’s unfortunately something that most travelers will have to face at some point. Luckily, if you know what to do, dealing with a cancelled flight can be easy and relatively stress-free. Additionally, if you’re in the GTA and have a lot of time to kill until your next flight, you can hire an airport taxi to chauffeur you to fun tourist destinations in Toronto.

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  • 29/10/2018
    Flat Rates VS. Metred Rates: Which is Right for You?

    This is an often wondered about answer when it comes to travelling by car service or cab to the airport: should I opt for a fixed or metred rate? While both options have their own merits, it is important to be as informed as possible so you make the right decision for you and the occasion. At Airflight Services, we give our clients the exact price before they even get in the car and we work tirelessly to provide gold standard service so our clients experience worry-free transport. Let our team of airport limousine service drivers show you exactly why a fixed rate is beneficial to you—especially when travelling to and from the airport.

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  • 22/10/2018
    How to Avoid Transportation Scams

    From your Toronto Airport and Taxi Transportation Experts at Airflight Services

    Navigating through a foreign city can be difficult. If you don’t know the area very well—or at all—you’ll likely have to rely on transportation services to take you through the city. Unfortunately, relying on strangers to get you from point A to point B can pose a number of problems. Transport scams are a huge issue in major cities like Toronto. It’s important to know what these scams look like, and how to avoid them before you get into somebody’s car. Fortunately, here at Airflight Services, we provide reliable Toronto airport limousine and taxi transportation service throughout the city. Let us give you a few tips about what to look out for and how to avoid common transportation scams.

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  • 04/04/2018
    Tips to Become a Professional Taxi or Limousine Driver in Toronto

    Being licensed in the airport taxi or limousine service industry or other sectors of the for-hire transportation industry in the GTA isn’t easy. It requires patience, training, knowledge of the rules set by the city and a desire to provide excellent customer service. At AirFlight Services, we know how much dedication is needed to become a qualified Toronto taxi service professional. That’s why we only hire the most well-trained professionals and support them in their continuing efforts to remain up-to-date on the latest technologies and to continue to make their customer service as good as it can be.

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  • 26/03/2018
    What to Prepare When Driving Across the Canada/US Border

    Whether it’s Toronto Pearson International Airport, Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, or Hamilton International Airport, we at AirFlight Services provide airport transportation by limousine or limo taxi to the destination of your choice. Sometimes it even makes sense to fly out of Buffalo Niagara International Airport, and we can get you there on time and in style.

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  • 25/01/2018
    Getting Around Toronto: Should I Book a Taxi or Rent a Car?

    Planning on visiting Toronto soon? Whether you’re in the city for business or for pleasure—or both!—one thing you’ll inevitably need to think about is how you’re going to get where you want to go during your stay. While your first instinct may be to simply rent a car, taxis just might be the better option. Trust us: at AirFlight Services, we’ve been offering Toronto airport transportation for long enough to know the city like the back of our hand. Here are three excellent reasons to consider a cab over a car rental.

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  • 12/12/2017
    Why You Should Pre-Book Your Holiday Taxi or Limo Service

    As the holidays get underway, booking your taxi and limo service may not be a priority, but it should be. As the end of the year quickly approaches, making early reservations can help keep your schedule stress-free. Pre-booking also provides our drivers

    with advanced notice concerning your time schedule and destination. As a result, passengers will be able to sit back and enjoy a high-quality experience.

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  • 07/09/2017
    5 Helpful Tips for Smooth Business Traveling

    With more and more people traveling, increased security and less attention being paid to customer service, business travel has lost much of its former luxury. But your business trip doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

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  • 01/09/2017
    Why Hiring a Pearson Airport Limo Service is the Best Way to get to TIFF

    Do you want to just go to the Toronto International Film Festival? Or do you want to make an entrance? Hiring a Toronto airport limousine service is the only option if you want to arrive in style. Keep reading to learn more about why a luxury sedan from a reputable Toronto airport transportation service is the best way to go.

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  • 20/07/2017
    6 Sensational Things To Do This Autumn in Oakville

    If you’re going to be in or near Oakville this autumn, there’s no shortage of pleasures to be had. Not just a bedroom community for Toronto, Oakville has got its own unique history, culture and charm. If you’re flying in from out of town into Pearson Airport, AirFlight Services would be pleased to provide limo or taxi service into Oakville. While you’re there, consider enjoying any of the following delights.

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  • 17/05/2017
    Choosing an Airport Transportation Service in Toronto

    Travel is stressful enough without worrying about the logistics of getting to the airport for a flight – on time. Who will drive, where to park, and what happens if traffic causes an unexpected delay, did you plan for an alternative route? For many, this is reason enough to hire an airport shuttle or taxi service for the trip.

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  • 17/05/2017
    Family Vacations & Sightseeing with AirFlight Services in Greater Toronto Area

    Remember the days of your youth when you could just grab a bag and go. That flexibility can change when you start having a family and when planning a family vacation, there is much to consider - car and booster seats, packing of bottles, diapers, snacks, favorite blankets, DVD or game systems to entertain the kids on the plane, comfort items, and sufficient clothing to accommodate adjusting temperatures of the family trip – that is once you’ve determined the vacation destination, where you’ll stay, how to get there, and how to get around once you’ve arrived.

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  • 27/03/2017
    Convenient and Comfortable: Choosing the Right Luggage for Travel

    Looks are not everything when it comes to travelling. You want to arrive in style, but you don’t want to spend your business trip or holiday battling with an insufficient, oversized, or otherwise inconvenient piece of luggage. If you are looking for a new carryall or suitcase to transport your belongings for your next trip, use the tips below to guide your decision.

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  • 27/03/2017
    Tips for Getting Through The Airport Faster: Be Prepared from Airport Transportation to Takeoff in Toronto

    The airport is an interesting space. Excitement, anticipation and stress all combine to create an atmosphere that is loved by some and hated by others. No matter what category you fall under, saving time is always a good thing when you are travelling. Experienced travellers have mastered the tips below, so take advantage before your next trip and enjoy a smooth, efficient, and stress-free experience at the airport.

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  • 27/03/2017
    Looking for Airport Transportation in Toronto? Consider Your Options Carefully

    You have your bags packed, and you are ready to take off to the airport. The only thing left on your to-do list is booking transportation to and from. Your friends and family may recommend ride-sharing, like Uber, because of the low prices and convenient app orders.

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  • 29/11/2016
    Safety and Taxi Industry Changes in the GTA: Is Your Ride a Safe Ride?

    As you’ve likely heard, the Toronto taxi industry is undergoing tumultuous changes. A new licensing category—private transportation company licensing—has been issued by the city to make room for the newest players in town. And while we at AirFlight Services appreciate a level playing field and the kind of competition that allows local economies to thrive, we have very strong reservations about public safety.

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  • 23/11/2016
    Celebrate Thanksgiving in Toronto

    If you’re planning on being in the GTA for Thanksgiving long weekend, there’s no shortage of things to do. From the moment you arrive at Pearson Airport and jump into your taxi or limousine, to the moment you head back home, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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  • 10/08/2016
    Tips for Travelling During the Summer Holidays

    The summer vacation is an age-old tradition that woos us away from our 9-to-5s and scurries us by taxi to Pearson Airport. Summer holidays are a great way to blow off steam, discover new places and make memories with loved ones. But like much else in life, vacations come with a degree of stress and mishap if not properly managed. Here are some tips to steer clear of unnecessary burdens and worries while you’re on holiday this summer.

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  • 09/08/2016
    Top 4 Advantages of Personalized Pearson Airport Taxi Service

    Whether you’re flying domestically or internationally, transportation to and from Pearson Airport needs to figure into your travel plans. While there are many ways to get from point A to point B, there’s only one mode that’s simultaneously affordable, comfortable, reliable and safe. AirFlight Services has provided citizens of the GTA and their visitors personalized Pearson Airport taxi transport for more than 45 years. There are many benefits of using our service but here are the top four.

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  • 19/05/2016
    Benefits of Pearson Airport Taxi Service over Public Transportation

    Your flight is booked, you’ve gone shopping for last minute items, and you’ve begun to pack, but have you thought about how you’ll get to the airport? If you are weighing your options for Pearson airport taxi services, consider this helpful guide.

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  • 12/05/2016
    Metered vs. Flat Rates for Toronto Airport Limos

    Taking a flight means calculating costs, weighing options, and spending money! Travelling isn’t cheap, but it is worth the money for new experiences. If you are calculating the budget for your trip, you should consider hiring a Toronto airport limo to take you to the airport. If you are thinking about hailing a cab or calling one in advance, it can be helpful to understand the difference between a running meter and flat rates. Save money on the commute and spend it at your destination instead by getting to the airport with an affordable ride.

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  • 21/04/2016
    Tips for Celebrating Mother’s Day in Greater Toronto

    It is hard to think of someone who could be more important to you than your mom. She has been there since day one and has had a huge impact on the person you’ve become. This Mother’s Day, why not show her how much you really care? The best gifts are time spent together. If you are short on ideas, read on for some inspiration and let mom know just how special she is to you.

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  • 11/04/2016
    How Early Should I Book a Toronto Airport Limo Before a Vacation?

    Going on vacation is an exciting time, but also requires a significant amount of preparation to go off without a hitch. Researching your destination, packing appropriate clothing and organizing your home before your leave should always take top priority. Don’t let details like how you’ll get to the airport get lost in the excitement! If you are in need of Pearson airport transportation, AirFlight Services offers a range of vehicle types, price points and packages to get you there on-time and stress-free.

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  • 17/03/2016
    Taxi & Limo Drivers: Trust the Licensed Professionals

    Lately it seems that taxi and limousine drivers have been taking a lot of heat as ride share and other online options have increased marketing efforts and popularity. If you are considering the best way to get to or from Pearson for an upcoming trip, consider the rigorous process involved in becoming a driver. Learning more about the training and requirements for our hard working team will help give you peace of mind and the confidence that you will reach the airport in a safe and timely manner.

    If you require a Markham airport taxi, or need a ride from anywhere else in the GTA, our drivers are available to pick you up. With GPS technology, our fleet is also equipped to confidently get you where you need to go.

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  • 07/03/2016
    Planning Ahead to Visit Family for Easter Weekend 2016

    The Easter Bunny is coming early this year! Easter weekend will be celebrated on the weekend of March 25-28th. If you are planning to fly home to celebrate with family and friends, it is important to book ahead so you can save money and get the most out of your visit. Don’t get stuck with an awkward flight time or waiting for hours to find a cab to take you from the airport. By planning ahead, you can maximize your time this weekend and celebrate the holiday with your loved ones, rather than stuck in transit. At AirFlight Services, we offer timely Toronto airport transportation to get you to and from your destination.

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  • 16/02/2016
    Why You Should Choose a Licensed Airport Limo Service

    Recently, there has been is a lot of buzz about new ride share companies – both positive and negative. While they present a new option for consumers looking to get home, trusting licensed and experienced employees rather than un-licensed drivers is a much safer and reliable way to travel. Hiring a professional Toronto airport limo company is a smart move when expensive flight tickets, important business meetings, and pre-booked family vacations are on the line.

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  • 08/02/2016
    Romantic Getaway: Plan a Vacation or Stay-cation for Valentine’s Day

    The day of honoring your love is fast approaching, where loved ones shower each other with chocolates, gifts and flowers. Still not sure what to plan for your sweetheart? This year, consider an experience to share and make memories together instead of exchanging gifts. If you and your partner are in the Greater Toronto Area, there are plenty of events happening.

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  • 20/01/2016
    Tips for Dining on Your Next Toronto Business Trip

    Travelling for business can be an exciting opportunity, but it can also present new challenges in and out of the office. Being in a new city and dining alone or with colleagues can end up as a happy, memorable experience, or the opposite. You want something tasty that can expose you to the culinary delights offered by the city, but may not have much free time to research restaurants or eat between meetings.

    Luckily, Toronto is a city with a fantastic food culture, so finding a convenient and delicious spot to grab a bite will not be difficult.

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  • 07/01/2016
    Now Open: Toronto Island Airport Pedestrian Tunnel

    Travelling to the Toronto Island Airport just got a lot easier with construction completed on new pedestrian tunnel. Travellers can now walk directly from Billy Bishop Airport into the city. That means a faster commute for travellers entering or leaving the city, and reduced lineups and waiting times for the short ferry-ride to the airport. This also means that your airport taxi can get you to and from your destination much more quickly.

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  • 17/12/2015
    How to Travel with Gifts for the Holidays

    Whether you are taking gifts to family or returning home with gifts you have received during the holiday season, travelling with large packages can be a hassle. From extra baggage costs to not having enough space to fit everything in your carry-on, there are just a few things to consider before you embark on your holiday journey this year.

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  • 07/12/2015
    Tips for Holiday Travelling & Flights

    While Christmas is known to be a joyful time of year, it can also be very stressful for many travellers who venture across the country or province by plane to visit family each year. Rather than dreading it, there are many ways travellers can reduce stress and embrace the joy of the season.

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  • 19/11/2015
    GPS Technology in Our Toronto Limos and Taxis

    Booking quality airport transportation is one of the most important components of successfully planning a trip to Toronto. Not only do you want to travel in comfort and style, but you want to ensure you receive prompt and professional service as well. One of the ways to make sure that your limo service to and from the Toronto Pearson International Airport meets these standards is to hire a company that uses built-in GPS tracking.

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  • 05/11/2015
    Travelling to an Unfamiliar City? Hire a Limo Company.

    One of the most stressful parts of travelling, especially when visiting a large and unfamiliar city such as Toronto, is finding transportation once you arrive.

    To avoid the hassle of navigating a confusing public transit system and risk getting lost, you may decide instead to book Toronto airport transportation ahead of time. Why not begin your trip with a stress-free ride to your hotel from a limo or taxi service?

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  • 31/10/2015
    Tips for Booking an Airport Limo or Taxi

    Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, getting to and from the airport is often a rushed and stressful time. An airport taxi in Toronto can make the experience easier, allowing you peace of mind knowing someone will be there to take you where you need to be.

    With a professional limo and taxi service such as AirFlight Services, you will arrive to your destination on-time and without the hassles of finding a friend, colleague or family member to take you. Better yet, you will no longer be forced to deal with the wait times and crowds associated with public transit, or pay to leave your car at the terminal.

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  • 24/10/2015
    Preventing Travel Inconveniences from Ruining Your Trip

    After booking your travel, packing and unpacking, arriving at the airport on time, and dealing with excessive crowds, travelling can often be more stressful than it is relaxing.

    Fortunately, there are ways you can avoid these common travel inconveniences and actually enjoy the adventure.

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  • 17/10/2015
    Choosing a Transportation Service to Take You to the Airport

    When you have a flight to catch, Toronto airport transportation can make or break your trip. You need to be on time, while also ensuring your chosen transportation is within your travel budget and is stress-free. While you may assume that relying on a family member to take you to the airport or using public transportation is the best option, you may be surprised what these choices may cost you in both time and money.

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  • 10/10/2015
    Vehicles Used for Our Toronto Airport Limo Services

    Whether you’re just preparing to leave for an adventure or arriving home after a long trip, it’s important that you are comfortable on your way to and from the airport. At AirFlight Services, our limousines and taxis provide you with reliable, luxurious transportation so that you can arrive or leave the airport without the traditional stress of travel.

    By booking early, you can pick the type of vehicle you want to arrive or depart in, and our Toronto airport taxi and limousine service has quite a few from which to choose.

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  • 03/10/2015
    Just the Essentials? How to Pack Your Carry-On for Any Possibility

    Most of us know too well what it's like at the airport these days. It's hard enough to just get through the security line with your sanity intact, never mind remembering to pack an all-contingency carry-on bag in advance of all the little (or big) travel hassles.

    If you've ever missed a flight or dealt with the loss of checked luggage at your destination, you probably already know the importance of choosing the right items for your carry-on. But what items are truly necessities as opposed to niceties? It's time to re-think your packing strategies. Here's how:

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  • 27/09/2015
    Need a Toronto Deli that Delights Your Well-Refined Taste Buds?

    You’ve travelled around the world, and you’ve refused to live on saltine crackers when you travel. You visited the best of the local restaurants, sampling the native cuisine so that you could get a feel for the culture.

    When you travel to Toronto, you’re entering a well-established food scene. This bustling city has many restaurants with refined menus and great atmospheres, but many people might say that Toronto’s delis take the cake when it comes to sampling local flavour.

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  • 20/09/2015
    2014 Business Travel Spending: Is Spending on the Rise?

    According to an article published by NBC in November, 2013, business travel spending is supposed to rise in 2014. There's no way to tell what the rest of the year will bring, but so far NBC's prediction looks accurate.

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  • 17/09/2015
    Managing Time on Your Business Trip

    Keeping a detailed schedule is a crucial element of any successful business trip. Meetings, conferences, workshops, and sightseeing are all fundamental aspects of a business trip, and with the proper time management and scheduling, your busy trip doesn't have to be a burden. Here are a few tips for keeping your schedule organized and efficient.

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  • 13/09/2015
    Perfectly Pack a Business Suit

    Businessmen often have one stylish goal in common: to look professional. One of the most effective ways to do just that is by keeping your suit neat and wrinkle-free. Unfortunately, professional men also have something in common that complicates the neat, wrinkle-free look: constant packing and unpacking. But for every businessman out there, don’t fret. Packing, and maintaining the “pressed” look, just got a whole lot easier with our step-by-step instructions on how to perfectly pack a business suit.

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  • 06/09/2015
    Top 5 Shopping Hot Spots in Toronto

    If you're on a business trip in or around Toronto, Canada, you won't have a problem coming up with plenty of sites to see in your down time. Toronto boasts some of the great tourist attractions of Canada, including the CN Tower (the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere), the Toronto Zoo, and numerous art galleries and museums. And if you're interested in a shopping trip, you'll have plenty of options to choose from.

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  • 30/08/2015
    Find Grand Hotels in the Greater Toronto Area

    Toronto is more than the greenery of High Park and lively character of St. Lawrence market. It’s grander than the colossal CN Tower and deluxe Casa Loma. As a step above the rest, Toronto is a destination city that should leave you feeling like you are in the lap of luxury—and it should all start with your accommodations.

    There’s not much that can compete with the satisfying feeling of living in style. The question then is: how can you travel to the GTA and obtain your desired level of style without draining your bank account? Here’s a foolproof way to find a hotel that meets your ritzy (albeit reasonable) requirements.

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  • 26/08/2015
    How to Enjoy Travelling for Work

    Many people think travelling for work is a glamorous affair. You know better.

    Work travel often involves the inside of hotel rooms, the inside of board rooms, and the inside of airplanes. Travelling means dealing with jet lag, endless waiting, and living out of a suitcase. There really isn’t much time for sightseeing either.

    So can you really enjoy travelling for work? Read on to find out!

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  • 23/08/2015
    Care for Flair? How to Make Your Party Unforgettable

    You’ve been to boring parties. You know what it’s like to count down the minutes until you can politely leave. When you’re planning a special occasion, ordinary is the last thing you want it to be. By adding some of these elements to your get-together, you can delight your guests and keep people talking about your event for weeks afterward.

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  • 19/08/2015
    The Business Traveller’s Checklist: How to Feel Prepared for Every Trip

    When you’re constantly on the go for business, packing becomes just another part of your busy schedule. All the better to come up with a checklist you can use over and over, whether you’re going on a quick 2-day trip or planning a week of meetings abroad.

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  • 12/08/2015
    Don’t Forget to Tip Your Taxi: Tipping Tips and Tricks

    Tipping is one of the most confusing customs in the world, and expectations vary from country to country. In the US, most people in the service industry expect a tip; while in China, you should not give a tip unless you received exceptional or luxurious service.

    Additionally, tipping is generally considered an imprecise art. Some individuals tip generously, even if the service is poor, while others go out of their way to avoid tipping.

    If you need some basic Canadian tipping guidelines, here are a few suggested rates to get you started.

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  • 05/08/2015
    5 Ways to Take the Stress Out of Travelling

    You’re about to embark on a grand adventure, whether you travel for business or pleasure. You may want to visit a national park, or you may want to go on a road trip to see many amazing cities and natural wonders in one go. Even if you go on a business trip, you should have some fun along the way. But no matter what kind of vacation or trip you’re going on, you probably have an undercurrent of stress polluting your excitement.

    Travelling shouldn’t be about stress; it should be about enjoyment and relaxation. So before you ride or fly off on your adventure, use these 5 tips to minimize your stress.

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  • 29/07/2015
    How to Get Through the Airport as Quickly as Possible

    Nobody likes to wait in line, especially when they know they’ll have to spend the next several hours sitting on an airplane next to unfamiliar people. The close quarters and the dry air will make you uncomfortable enough—waiting in huge lines and finding your way through large crowds shouldn’t have to make the situation even more uncomfortable.

    While we love the wonders of airborne transportation, we don’t necessarily love the process it takes to get to and from the aircraft. To streamline your next airline travel experience, follow the tips outlined below.

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  • 22/07/2015
    Riding in Style: The Perks of Travelling Via Limo

    Don’t deny it: riding in a limo is classy.

    It doesn't matter whether you’re travelling for business or celebrating a special occasion, riding in a limo is riding with style. You attract attention wherever you go, and choosing a limo makes a statement about who you are.

    Can’t afford to travel in a limo? Think again.

    Limos can be an economical, reliable, and productive way to travel—and here’s why!

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  • 15/07/2015
    What to See & Do in the Queen City with Limited Time

    You may find yourself in Toronto for a business or school trip, or you may simply find yourself there over a weekend. If you’d like to experience what the Queen City has to offer in this limited time, you can use the short guide below to plan some activities.

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  • 08/07/2015
    Debunking the 3 Biggest Myths About Airport Limo Service

    If one of your colleagues mentioned they took a limousine the last time they travelled to the airport for a flight out of town, would a hot flare of jealousy rise in your gut? After all, you always slog it out on public transit or pay high fees to park your car for a week. You’ve never considered taking a limo because you know they are only a luxury for the rich and famous, right? Wrong!

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  • 01/07/2015
    Arrive in Style to the Toronto Pan Am Games

    This year, Toronto is the proud host of the summer 2015 Pan Am Games. There will be some glorious gold-medal firsts, but some non-athletic records are also about to be broken. The games are the first ever fully carbon neutral and environmentally friendly games. We’re big supporters of that podium-deserving position, and that’s why we’re gearing up to serve as a Pan Am game transportation keystone. In fact, the Toronto 2015 organizing committee isn’t providing any general parking for the events, meaning public transit is going to be congested and pre-arranged airport transportation in Toronto is going to be more important than ever.

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  • 16/06/2015
    How to Ensure Stress-Free Airport Checks

    Airport security checks are procedures that all passengers must go through in order to board a plane.

    To avoid the hassle of unnecessary private checks or losing belongings inside your carry-on bag, you need to first understand what is and is not allowed in your luggage, and know how to pack a carry-on bag properly.

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  • 23/05/2015
    Booking Corporate Limo Services in Toronto

    Travel is just part of your business routine, but to ensure a comfortable trip for yourself and other team members consider using a corporate limo service.

    Limos are not just for special occasions, luxury travel and couples on romantic getaways. They also offer corporate travellers numerous advantages that rental cars and taxis simply cannot provide.

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  • 20/04/2015
    Booking an Airport Limo for Your Honeymoon

    The wedding is over and now it is time for you and your spouse to embark on a honeymoon adventure. In order to get started on that trip of a lifetime, however, you need to first get to the airport.

    Rather than request friends or family to drive you to the airport, why not book a Toronto airport limo taxi instead?

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  • 20/03/2015
    Travelling with Family? Book a Limo Instead of Waiting for a Toronto Airport Taxi

    Travelling with the entire family is exciting. Whether you are going to a Canadian vacation destination or leaving the country, arranging all of the details and making sure everyone is ready to go is a daunting task for parents.

    Luckily there is one less detail you have to coordinate: the ride. Instead of piling everyone in the family car to reach the airport, consider a limo for your Toronto airport transportation.

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