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We Offer Professional Airport Transportation Services in Toronto, the GTA and Ontario

AirFlight Services has been providing airport transportation services to residents of the GTA since 1969. Over the past 50 years, we have learned a lot about the transportation industry and have continuously adapted ourselves to take care of the evoving needs of both business and leisure travellers. The fleet of luxury limousines, sedans and SUVs we have has also grown to provide high-standard luxury transportation. Our business is dedicated to three main ideas: quality, comfort, and dependability. Without all three of these attributes, we would just be another taxi company.


If you are travelling to or from the airports we serve, we can offer a very satisfying and hassle-free ride to you in one of our limousines, sedans or SUVs. You can book your services with us in advance. Schedule an airport pick up or drop with us anytime during the day.


Airport Transportation Services We Offer


Luxury transportation services

Our vehicles are luxurious, and our chauffeurs are professional. When you book your travel with us, you can experience style and quality in every aspect. Our booking and tracking systems are advanced and backed by GPS.


Arrival and departure information for your Pearson flights

With us, you will have regular updates about your flight schedules. With easy and timely access to flight information, you can plan your travel with precision.


Corporate business accounts

We handle corporate credit accounts for all of our transportation services. Our corporate accounts help companies save costs while ensuring sophisticated travel options for employees and executives.


Sightseeing tips and transportation

If you are looking for airport transportation in Toronto that can solve your sightseeing dilemmas, you can count on us. Choose your vehicle from our luxurious fleet and enjoy the attractions that Toronto offers. Forget the hassles of hailing cabs and navigating an unknown city. Rely on us to arrange the perfect travel experience.


Airport taxis, limousines, and SUV taxis

Our airport taxis serve the four airports and the areas in and around GTA. With our online booking forms, convenience is a guarantee. Get the smoothest ride in one of our limousines or the roomy comfort of our SUVs. Forget the jitters and travel on time.

The Highlights of Our Services

We are the taxi service of choice for people in Toronto because:

We maintain a high standard of quality to provide Pearson Airport limo service to those travelling to Toronto’s largest airport.

We offer you a relaxing experience after a long plane ride by ensuring a high level of comfort.

We offer diligent dispatch and round-the-clock services.

Our drivers are GPS tracked, and we offer the highest levels of punctuality and safety. 

Our cars are equipped with on-board point of sale (POS) systems for safe and secure credit or debit card transactions. AirFlight Services accepts all major debit and credit cards.

If you are travelling with a child, make sure you carry your own child safety seat. Our chauffeurs will be more than happy to assist with the installation. As our chauffeur-driven cars are rated as commercial vehicles, they do not have child safety seats.

With more than 250 drivers and 100 vehicles in our well-maintained fleet, a safe and smooth ride is our assurance.

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