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Our Testimonials - See Why the GTA Values Our Drivers

Always Found It Reliable And Reasonable

I have used your service for some years and always found it reliable and reasonable.  Recently, two of your employees did a little extra for me.  When I was brought home on Sat., Jan. 20, a book slipped out of a side pocket of my bag and was left in the trunk.  When I realized what must have happened, I phoned the dispatcher on Monday morning.  Within an hour, she called to say that the driver had the book and that he would return it when in the area.  I had it later in the day.  Thanks to both people for their help.


Mr. B.C. Jan 27, 2020

They Have Always Been Efficient, Courteous, And Pleasant

I have been using the services of your company whenever I am visiting my family in Canada. As I have been living overseas for more than 10 years that means I have encountered a lot of drivers, and I am pleased to report that they have always been efficient, courteous, and pleasant.


On 27 July I left my prescription reading glasses on the backseat of one of your cars. Unfortunately, this was at the end of my trip and I was returning to Morocco, so I was anxious to get them back. I did not realize my mistake until I was already through security. When I turned my phone back on, I received a call from my mother saying that the driver had called her in a panic wondering how to get them back to me. I gave my mother the airline, flight number, and my seat number to pass along to him. 


Long story short when I was boarding an Air France representative handed the glasses to me. She told me the driver had run through the airport to ensure he got them to me before I boarded.


I am grateful, and I think it speaks well of the company. Why else would a driver feel that level of commitment to a client?


Mrs. S.M. Dec 30, 2019


No Hitches Or Worries On My End

I have trusted Airflight Services on several occasions over the past 7 years to get me to the airport with no hitches or worries on my end. I do not travel a lot, but I do recognize and appreciate a good transportation service when I find it. Taxi provides excellent service with friendly interactions – and their fleet appears to be regularly maintained, which is something that I look for in public transportation. Thank you for providing this much-needed service!


Mr. V.S. 2018 May 2, 2018

I Find Their Service High Class

As a person who likes to travel a lot, I have used many taxi companies and other community services but, unlike any other, Airflight has by far been the best. When the car arrived in front of my doorstep, I would expect a regular car that one might find on a common cab, but I ended up with a nice Lincoln SUV.

I find their service high class, and I would use their service again in the near future.


Mr. C.S.  March 14, 2018

Exemplary Service

I am writing to the owner/manager of your company, to let you know about exemplary service by one of your drivers.


On Tuesday night, I left my wallet in the car that brought me home from the airport. I didn’t take the receipt the driver offered me, because it was a personal tip and I couldn’t write it off. I was distracted because my young daughter was outside my home, so excited to see me after my time away, and I couldn’t wait to get out of the car to give her a hug.


But moments after I got inside, I realized I had left my wallet in the back seat. Because I couldn’t remember the name of the limo/cab company, I spent hours calling different companies describing my wallet. But I didn’t call yours.


This morning at 8:20, my doorbell rang.


And there was your AirFlight Services' driver with my wallet in hand. I was so thrilled and surprised, I gave him a huge hug!


He refused when I offered him the money in my wallet (but I insisted) and even apologized for taking so long to return it! It wasn’t long at all.


He is a very, very kind man and took his own time, when he could have been making a fare, to return the wallet to me. I want him to know how much it meant to me. After losing my wallet, many people I told predicted that I’d never get it back.


But thanks to that driver, my faith in humanity restored. So thank you, thank you, thank you!


I will definitely be recommending your company (and him particularly) to everyone I know.”



April 24, 2014

Many Thanks

“Please give gift card to our driver.


November 3, 2013 – Air Canada to Wibf Drive, Mississauga, ON.


Return of pink Blackberry.”


Thank you from,
Nisknowbe-asli Legal Service

Commended for Integrity & Honesty

“Dear Sir/Madam,

Yesterday afternoon my wife and I took one of your cabs from the airport to our house here in Woodbridge. Later on I received a telephone call from the driver; I had left my wallet on the back seat.


Your driver dropped my wallet off today, complete with all the cash and credit cards. I am much impressed with your staff and would like to commend your drive for his integrity and honesty.


Will pass this story on to all my friends and acquaintances.


Signed thankfully,”



January 29, 2013

A Great Representative of the Company

“To Whom It May Concern,


It is with the greatest of pleasure that I write this letter of appreciation for one of your drivers.


On arriving at terminal three at the Toronto Airport on our return from Victoria BC, we approached on one of your limos to get an approximation of prices for transport to our home in Leaside. Always finding that the price for such service was a bit high, and considering taking a cab instead, we decided to go with your services given our tired state and wanting to return home as quickly as possible.


Normally, we don’t engage much with the driver, but our driver was such a dynamic personality, we were already having an entertaining and enlightening talk before the limo left the airport.

Not only was he very intelligent and articulate, but also very engaging with a fabulous sense of humour. The trip home was full of energy and laughter that we felt better for having taken the trip rather than tired from the many miles travelled.


I thank our driver for adding that finishing touch to an already great holiday and wish all the drivers were of this kind of person. I will make sure that any future trips will involve him as our means of transport as he will, as he has, added that additional pleasure that is rare to find in your type of business. We also left him a generous tip given the pleasure he brought to that short trip from the airport, which he more than deserved.


Treasure this man as he is a great representative of your company and deserves all kinds of commendation for his contributions and efforts. Thanks for employing that driver and in doing so making our trip that much more special.


We wish him well and please support his contributions in whatever way that you can. He is a rare treat.


Thank you and thank our driver for his contributions to our trip.”



May 19, 2012

Courteous Service & Very Helpful

“I have been your client for over 20 years, but this is the first time I write you.


I was picked up at home on August 13 at 6:15 AM by one of your drivers. I was very impressed by his courteous service and helpfulness. He is an asset to your company.”



August 17, 2012

Thank You

“First of all, I want to thank you for arranging a ride for me recently. It was a wonderful gift; so thank you to those responsible.


The driver was so perfect. He was very courteous, professional, and friendly. It was a very nice ride.


I changed the time for the return home, and the price was very reasonable.


Thank you for being so sweet. You are amazing at what you do. My thanks also to the dispatcher who took care of my requests.


I thank our driver again; you have confirmed that I made the best decision by recommending you as our provider.


Best wishes and warm regards to all of you.”



June 7, 2012

Excellent Service

“I want to pass a word of appreciation for one of your drivers, who picked me up from my home and dropped me at Pearson. He made sure he took the shortest route and reached me to the airport very quickly. He provided me with the most excellent service possible. Please ensure you provide him reward and recognition for his excellent attitude, customer service, and honesty towards his customers.”



May 2, 2012

An Asset to AirFlight Services

“This is a short note of praise to our driver for the high level of service he provides. He is a consummate professional as a driver and a great advocate of AirFlight and its services. I have yet to meet an AirFlight driver that speaks so highly of AirFlight – he is an asset to the organization.


Thank you, for the ride to the airport last Tuesday!”



E.S. & S.M.

November 28, 2010

Honest & Polite

“On our return home (Toronto) from Halifax this morning we had the good fortune of being picked up at Toronto International Airport. Our driver was very courteous, polite, and helpful even though we would be a very short run from the airport (Rexdale) which meant he would have to get back in the very long line at the limo waiting area. In our haste to let him get turned around as quickly as possible, I forgot our camera in the back seat of his limo. We did not realize this until we heard a knock on the door approximately 45 minutes later. Our AirFlight Services' driver stood at our front door with our camera in hand.


We would like to express our great appreciation to our driver for his honesty and extraordinary effort in returning our camera (which had our vacation pics) immediately even though it cost him time and money from his pocket. We will be adding your company to our address book for use on any future trips to and front the airport.


Thank you to our driver for his honesty and effort! Thank you to AirFlight Services for having that driver on staff.”




July 18, 2010

Difference a Courteous Driver Makes

“Dear Sir/Madam:


The first time we used your company’s services was Thursday, February 1, 2007. We were very pleased with the person who picked us up and drove us to the airport.


He was punctual, professional, friendly, carried our bags to the car and placed/removed them in/from the truck and held the door open for both my husband and myself. He is an excellent company representative.


To return home from the airport on February 8, 2007, we decided to use “AirFlight Services,” once again. What a difference in drivers! This person asked my husband to help him place our luggage into the trunk, did not hold open any doors for either of us, was not able to drive between the lines on the highway (in other words, the car rode on and over the dividing lines between lanes). Very surprisingly, he helped me remove my piece of luggage from the trunk and then allowed me to carry it to the front door – no offer of assistance whatsoever!


What an incredible difference between these two employees.”




February 12, 2007

A Credit to the Company

“I felt compelled to send this email, praising one of your drivers. He was extremely courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly. He is a credit to your company and should be used as an example to other drivers.”


Thank you.

Yours truly,


Wonderful Service



I sincerely wish to thank you for the wonderful limo service you provided me, to and from the train station. I felt so relaxed to be in good hands.


The service is impeccable.


I had the most wonderful trip in Montreal, the city of my birth and where I lived for the greater part of my life.


As always, I will recommend your company to others, as I have great trust in you.”




Kind & Honourable Employees

“Dear AirFlight Services,


I am writing this letter to inform you of the kindest and most honourable employee you might have. I was driving home at 9:15 PM on a Thursday, January 15 from Markham Stouffville Hospital. My husband had surgery that day and I was very tired going home to my 4 children. Upon leaving the hospital on the extremely cold night I noticed that the car was not driving well, but I was not sure what the problem was. I thought perhaps due to the cold weather it was stalling, but even after the car warmed up it was still a stop and go situation.


I decided not to go to the H07, rather to make a “U” turn and go back to the hospital to call “CAA” but the car could hardly go. Your AirFlight Services' driver pulled up and notified me that my front right tire and hub cap were falling off. I was so cold and tired it was overwhelming. Your AirFlight Services' driver and his passenger offered to jack up the car and change the tire to the spare one. They let me sit in his warm car while they changed the tire.


What a relief and joy to meet such wonderful people in the world. When they were done, I offered them a $50 bill. They refused to take any money, but your AirFlight Services' driver did ask me to write this letter. What a pleasure and privilege to have this honour. In this cold and often uncaring world, there are kind sweet people just like your employee and his passenger. I will never forget that night and feel forever blessed to have had the opportunity to meet 2 great people. May they inspire others to follow their ways, and this world will be a better place to live in!”


Mrs. L.T

January 15, 2003

Courteous & Considerate

“Customer called to say how extremely courteous and considerate car driver was to her. She called from the airport, where she was dropped off. She didn’t have time to give me her address or phone number.”


From customer Ms. T.C.

June 5, 1998


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