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Travel Apps That Make Every Voyage a Breeze

Modern technology has made the world a smaller place, and formerly exotic locales are now easier than ever to visit. Similarly, when it comes to planning family vacations and work trips, smartphone apps have become indispensable. Here are some that’ll make every step of your voyage a breeze. 

This booking app uses real time information and historical data to find you the best price for flights and hotel rooms. Just type in where you want to go and when, and the app will notify you when the price is at its lowest.


If you’re the type to forget to pack important things, or you don’t know what to bring for the weather at your destination, this app has you covered. Just input where you’re going and for how long, as well as the activities you have planned, and PackPoint will generate a list of everything you need, from passports and medications to clothes and swimsuits.


This app makes the day you travel a bit easier. It tracks flights in real time so you’ll know if your flights are delayed and where your gate is. And to keep you busy while you wait, it also offers detailed airport maps and discounts on food, drinks and goodies at the duty free.


If you’re headed somewhere where you don’t speak the language, Google Translate allows you to get your point across and to understand street signs or the menu in a restaurant. You can either input what you want to say or point your phone’s camera to words to get an almost perfect translation.


This currency converter allows you to find out how much your purchases are actually costing you. You can monitor up to 10 foreign currencies and download the correct conversion rate to use offline.


No matter where you’re going, our app makes cab and limo booking a breeze. Simply choose which type of car you want, your location and the time you want to leave. Our executive taxis service all of the GTA and can get you to any of the airports that serve Toronto.


Executive Limo Services in Toronto

Whether you’re heading to the airport for business or pleasure, AirFlight Services can get you there in style. Simply use the app, or call to schedule your ride today.


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