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7 Air Travel Etiquette Rules You Must Follow

Air travel can be a stressful and frustrating experience. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your best to be polite and ensure your journey — as well as that of your fellow passengers — is as pleasant as possible. Here are seven airport and airplane etiquette tips everyone should follow.



1. Be ready for security

Get a head start by taking off your watch, belt and shoes and removing your laptop and liquids from your bag before you reach the front of the security line.


2. Board Quickly

Take out anything you think you’ll need during the flight and stow it under the seat in front of you and place other carry on in the overhead compartment above your seat. Once everything is put away, don’t linger in the aisle.


3. Don’t recline your seat

Putting your seat back intrudes on the space of the passenger behind you. If you can’t be comfortable with the seat fully upright, let the person behind you know that you’re about to recline and do it slowly so you don’t bang their knees.


4. Respect the armrest

The unspoken rule of flying is that the person sitting in the middle of a row of three gets to use the armrests. It’s only fair, considering the passenger with a window seat gets a head rest and the person on the aisle has more legroom.


5. Consider your hygiene

Don’t forget to shower before heading to the airport and to avoid using strong perfumes or cologne that may bother other people. Also, an airplane isn’t an acceptable place to groom yourself, so put your nail clippers, hairbrush and nail polish away until you land.


6. Use your headphones

Nobody wants to hear the music of the game you’re playing or the movie or TV show you’re watching. Put your headphones on so people can enjoy the silence.


7. Be patient when it’s time to deplane

It’s natural to want to stretch your legs once the plane’s landed but pushing your way off the plane before everyone else is just plain rude. Let the people ahead of you get off the plane and wait your turn.


Be on time to avoid delays

Arriving at the airport with plenty of time to spare is a great way to avoid inconveniencing yourself and the others around you. To make sure you’re on time, call a cab or reserve an executive limo to get you where you need to go. AirFlight Services is an A1 luxury taxi company serving the Greater Toronto Area. Call us to reserve today or use our booking app.



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