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Why You Should Choose a Licensed Airport Limo Service

Recently, there has been is a lot of buzz about new ride share companies – both positive and negative. While they present a new option for consumers looking to get home, trusting licensed and experienced employees rather than un-licensed drivers is a much safer and reliable way to travel. Hiring a professional Toronto airport limo company is a smart move when expensive flight tickets, important business meetings, and pre-booked family vacations are on the line.


If you are travelling for business or pleasure, looking to get there quickly, or wanting to take a more scenic route around the city, the drivers at AirFlight Services are ready to help you. We offer the best airport pickup and drop-off experience without the uncertainty and unpredictability of ride share programs. Whether you are arriving in the city or departing from your home, we offer reliable and experienced airport transportation services in Toronto that will ensure you don’t miss your flight or any important meetings. Here are just a few reasons to choose a professional airport limo service: Fixed Prices – No matter the holiday, time of day, or if there is a local event in the city, you can count on a fixed price based on the distance between the airport and your destination. No surprises and often great savings. Local Drivers – Our drivers are experienced professionals who know the city inside and out. While you could be lucky and get a local ride share driver, you are equally as likely to end up with a driver who has just moved to the city to study or are new to the country. Count on our drivers’ knowledge to find efficient routes, get local recommendations, and to receive a proper introduction to the city. Licensed and Safe Drivers – Ensure peace of mind knowing a licensed driver is behind the wheel. All of our drivers are fully insured and have passed extensive background checks before being hired. The same cannot be said of a ride share program, whose drivers are not insured and were not required to take a test. Corporate Service and Rates – If you are travelling for business, hiring an airport transportation service that provides corporate rates will allow you to save money and establish a relationship with our drivers. We offer special services and rates for corporate clients and can help you start or end your trip in comfort and style. Luxury Chauffeur Service – Why not pamper yourself before getting on a long flight or on your way home after travelling? Pearson airport limousines are a great way to start or finish your trip on a luxurious high note.


With more options and security measures, you can count on our taxi and limo services in Toronto. If you are looking for efficient and affordable transportation to and from the airport, or want a reliable way to get around the city, our Toronto airport transportation options can make your next trip to or from the city a stress-free one. Book your transportation with AirFlight Services today. Contact us online for a free quote or call 1‑800‑268‑6843 to book your airport pick up or drop off.


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