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Why Are Some Taxis Yellow?

If you’re at a Toronto airport and make use of our taxi service, you may notice that the vehicles in our fleet aren’t the classic yellow you see on television. While our cars and limos aren’t this colour, many taxis are, so why are some taxis yellow? Where did this familiarity come from?

History of Colours and Cabs In the early twentieth century, when automobile taxis were new, most cabs in the United States were painted green or red. However, as the taxi business flourished and competition increased, many taxi companies decided to get their cars painted a signature colour. Two such companies located in major American cities, the Yellow Taxicab Company in New York and the Yellow Cab Company in Chicago, had their fleets painted—as you can probably guess by the names—yellow. In 1967, a specific shade of yellow was declared the official colour of taxicabs in New York. Yellow Cab Companies Since the opening of the first yellow taxi companies, many others have followed suit. Here in Canada, yellow taxis can be hailed in several provinces, including British Columbia, Ontario and Nova Scotia. Yellow cab companies can also be found in several other countries, such as Russia, Australia, India and, of course, the United States, the country with which they’re most commonly associated. Why We Associate Taxis with Yellow Yellow is by no means the only colour a taxi can be, so why is it the colour that comes to mind when you picture a cab? There are a couple reasons for this. First of all, most taxis that appear in pop culture are yellow, leading viewers to associate the colour with the service. Secondly, yellow is, simply put, a very unusual colour for a vehicle. Other than taxis, very few cars are painted yellow, which makes the colour stand out as unique to cabs. Airport Transportation in Toronto Here at AirFlight Services, our taxis might not be yellow, but our airport limo service sure is classy! From Toronto Airport, hop into a limousine and be chauffeured to anywhere in our vast service area, which includes, but is not limited to, Toronto, Markham and Oakville. If you need a ride to or from the airport, our taxi service is the one for you! When you arrive at a Toronto Airport, you may think renting a car is the cheapest option, but with our great rates, our limo service is a fantastic choice. Contact us today to book our Toronto Airport taxi service!

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