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Which Toronto Airport Should You Use?

With four airports in and around the Toronto area providing commercial airline services, choosing the right one for your particular travel plans is important. To help you make the right choice, here’s a guide to Toronto’s airports.



When thinking of air travel to and from Toronto, Pearson is likely the first name that comes to mind. It’s the largest airport in the region and the busiest in Canada. It offers domestic and international flights, and despite its name, it’s actually located in Mississauga, about 25 minutes from downtown Toronto without traffic. 

Pearson’s distance from Toronto proper is its main drawback, as transportation options are limited. Your best bet to ensure timely arrival is to book an airport taxi service.

Also known as the Toronto Island Airport, Billy Bishop is located less than two kilometres away from the city’s downtown area. Porter and Air Canada operate flights to several Canadian and US cities. If where you are headed is serviced from the Island Airport you may find the smaller size and location to be a good fit for your trip. It’s also known for being a convenient airport for private jets, as it provides a more direct entry to the city than Pearson.


Located in Hamilton, this airport offers a number of advantages over Pearson, including cheaper flights, proximity to the Niagara Peninsula and its vineyards as well as affordable accommodation near the airport. However, keep in mind that it’s about an hour away from Toronto without traffic. In addition, public transportation options aren’t ideal, although a good airport taxi service will get you there with time to spare before your flight.


About two hours away from Toronto and located in Buffalo, this airport may be the best option if you’re flying to or from another city in the United States, as you’re likely to benefit from a much cheaper flight. As a bonus, you’ll get to drive through the scenic Niagara region. 


Stress-free travel to and from the airport

The bottom line is that you should choose the airport that’s best suited to your particular travel plans. Whatever these plans involve, booking your transportation in advance with a reliable airport taxi service will ensure you get there on time. For outstanding service, call us at AirFlight Services today. Our service area includes all four international airports in the Toronto area and many more.


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