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What to See & Do in the Queen City with Limited Time

You may find yourself in Toronto for a business or school trip, or you may simply find yourself there over a weekend. If you’d like to experience what the Queen City has to offer in this limited time, you can use the short guide below to plan some activities.

Toronto has something to offer every tourist, so even if you only have a few minutes to spare when you visit, you can definitely find entertainment and relaxation at any of these venues.

The Outdoors

Need a breath of fresh air between meetings or activities? Toronto has many parks where you can relax and enjoy nature: Toronto Island Park Escape from the city and take a refreshing walk while you explore this island gem. Take the ferry to Toronto Island Park, and you can relax on the beautiful shores, sunbathe, rent bicycles, or take a jaunt on the water in a canoe. The park also includes attractions such as Centreville Amusement Park if you need a little extra diversion. High Park If you don’t want to pay for a ferry ride, you can also enjoy the outdoors at High Park. This park features refreshing hikes, but you can also do a plethora of other activities, including ice skating and baseball. You can also visit a small zoo attached to the premises. Edwards Gardens Do you consider gardening an art? You may want to visit Edwards Gardens. Enjoy manicured greenery and flowerbeds while you walk around this attraction. You can simply relax and enjoy the scenery, or you can shop or look through the botanical library.

Performing Arts

Have a little more time to spare? Toronto also boasts excellent shows and performances: Famous People Players Dinner Theatre Get dinner and a show when you visit this fun venue. This theatre specializes in black light shows, and they always bring something unique and visually fascinating to their performances. And in the meantime you’ll eat a four-course dinner! The staff takes extra special care to make sure everyone enjoys themselves. Toronto Symphony Orchestra You don’t get to listen to an internationally renowned orchestra every day. If the orchestra has a performance scheduled during your visit, you should seriously consider buying a ticket. You’ll listen to a feast of beautiful sounds and expressions during the concert, making it more than worth the time and expense.

Visual Arts

If you’d rather enjoy a little peace and quiet, you can visit many museums in Toronto: The AGO The Art Gallery of Ontario houses a number of stunning pieces from all eras of visual art. It doesn’t matter if you prefer traditional or modern art—this museum has something for you. Check out the European Painting and Sculpture Collection for art from the 17th and 19th centuries, or explore the Modern and Contemporary Collection for something more edgy. Royal Ontario Museum Do you prefer history to arts? At this museum, you can explore the natural history and culture of Toronto and other cultures around the world. You’ll see more than paintings and statuary here—you’ll also see clothing, architecture, fossils, artifacts, animals, and more.

The Tour for Sport Enthusiasts

Do you follow more intense activities like hockey? Toronto has attractions for you too: Hockey Hall of Fame If you have a few minutes to spare, you can learn all about your favourite sport at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Explore interactive exhibits and a replica dressing room. You can also see life-sized statues of some of your favourite athletes. You can also go and see the Stanley Cup! BMO Field Soccer fan? If you visit during a game, buy tickets and come to this field. It boasts very friendly staff and great visibility for all game viewers. You won’t have to sit in tight seats, and the venue always has a goodly supply of concessions.

The Shopper’s Paradise

Do you blow off steam by shopping? In addition to offering regular malls and shopping centres, Toronto also houses some street markets: St. Lawrence Market Come to this old Victorian building to shop for all kinds of fresh foods, baked goods, treats, medicinal herbs, clothing, accessories, souvenirs, trees, flowers, cookware, antiques, and much more. You’ll also love the old-fashioned, lively atmosphere of this market. Kensington Market If you prefer a more bohemian atmosphere, come to Kensington Market! This market also features shops with all kinds of food, and it also hosts a lot of festivals. You can also buy clothing, accessories, and vintage items here.

Taxi Services

Without a taxi service, you might not have the ability to get to these activities between business meetings. If you didn’t bring your own car, look for a reliable transportation company in Toronto. You can explore the Queen City on foot, but you can see more attractions and spend more time relaxing if you use a taxi service. Even if you only have a minute, you can still have a lot of fun when you visit Toronto. Consult your schedule and plan your activities today!


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