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What to Prepare When Driving Across the Canada/US Border

Whether it’s Toronto Pearson International Airport, Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, or Hamilton International Airport, we at AirFlight Services provide airport transportation by limousine or limo taxi to the destination of your choice. Sometimes it even makes sense to fly out of Buffalo Niagara International Airport, and we can get you there on time and in style.

When crossing into the United States by land there are a few variables you’ll have to take into account. While traffic and weather conditions are out of your control, you can make sure that the process of crossing the border itself goes as quickly and efficiently as possible. With a little preparation, you can be sure to get on your way as quickly as possible. Luckily, given the excellent relationship between Canada and the U.S., crossing the border is a fairly straightforward process. You should be prepared to answer a few questions from the border officials. They’ll most likely ask about your citizenship status and the purpose of your journey, for example. Beyond this, you’ll need to present documentation and be prepared to declare some kinds of items to customs. What documents will I need? Although it used to be the case that you only needed a driver’s license to enter the U.S., these days everyone over the age of sixteen must have a valid passport to cross the border. If you cross the border often, you may want to look into getting a NEXUS card. This handy document registers you as of little risk when crossing a border and expedites the whole process. You should also be aware that if you’re a single adult travelling with a child, the border authorities might ask more questions. If you’re the child’s parent, you should get written consent from the other parent to cross the border with your child and if you’re a chaperon for one or more children on a trip you should be sure to have written consent from all their parents. What items can’t I bring into the U.S.? Be sure to have an exact inventory of the items you’re bringing into the U.S. If it’s a short trip and you only have personal items it shouldn’t cause any suspicion. Certain categories of items, however, are going to be scrutinized more than others. For instance:

  • Firearms

  • Plants and animals

  • Fruits, vegetables, snacks, beverages

  • Over $10,000 USD

If you’re planning to bring any of these items across the border, you should contact the appropriate U.S. authority first to find out how to safely and legally bring these items into the country. We at AirFlight Services in Toronto can get you to the Buffalo Niagara International Airport as quickly and comfortably as possible. Whichever mode of transportation you prefer, limousine or limo taxi, we can take care of the driving so you can prepare for the trip ahead. Contact us today to find out how we can help simplify your trip.


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