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Travel Tips for the Nervous Flyer

Advice from Toronto’s Favourite Airport Limo Service

Any nervous flyer will agree that a good travel experience is all about finding strategies to minimize the stress of flying as much as possible. For our customers who suffer anxiety and stress during air travel, our airport limo service experts at AirFlight Services have put together this list of useful tips to help you have a successful, even relaxing journey.

Top Tips for Minimizing Travel Stress

  • Be prepared: Simply planning for the unexpected and having strategies to cope is one of the most important parts of minimizing anxiety and stress during travel. Firstly, recognize what is in your control (packing the night before, leaving for the airport early, double checking your papers), and what is out of your control (bad weather, delays, traffic). Once you have done this, you can find ways to focus your efforts on useful actions to make your life easier, rather than worrying about things you cannot change.

  • Ask questions: If there is a question you do not have the answer to or a detail you would like clarification on, the savvy traveller knows there is nothing wrong with asking. A quality airline or airport limousine service always has a team of highly trained customer service professionals on hand to assist you in whatever way they can. This is the best way to give yourself peace of mind when travelling and ensure you don’t get stressed by unexpected details.

  • Book ahead: If you are the sort of person who lies awake at night going over the details of your travel itinerary several times, do yourself a favour and book ahead. This will not only save you some money on flight tickets but also for things like transportation to Pearson International or Toronto Island Airport, booking ahead with a limo service removes the unreliability of a taxi or ride-sharing service. Knowing that you have a fast, reliable way of getting to the airport already taken care of well in advance will do a lot to reduce pre-flight nerves.

  • Find calm where you can: Where you can, find moments of calm to listen to your favourite music or catch a few minutes of sleep. Use these opportunities to manage your nerves and stress. This could be the limo ride to the airport or while you wait at the gate to start boarding your flight. Recognizing these moments and knowing how to capitalize on them for a few minutes of mindfulness will work wonders.

Above all, when you are travelling, you want to book with companies you can count on to accommodate your needs and expectations. For over 50 years, AirFlight Services has been offering its customers the best in airport chauffeur services. Our well-maintained fleet and excellent drivers will deliver you to Pearson or Toronto Island Airport comfortably and on time. When planning ahead for an upcoming flight, make sure your call to us is among the first few steps.

Choose the best way to travel from the airport and hire AirFlight Services. Contact us for a free quote, book online today or call 800-268-6843 to learn about our Toronto airport limo service.

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