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Top Hidden Places in Toronto You Must Visit

Advice from Toronto’s Favourite Airport Limo Service

Toronto is a city with plenty of big tourist attractions to see. But for the more adventurous types searching for lesser-known spots to explore, there is endless number of things to do here. From the Instagram-worthy to the gothic and macabre, here is a list of the best hidden gems for you to discover that our limo sight-seeing service experts at AirFlight Services has compiled for your perusal.

Discover Toronto – Visit these Hidden Gems

  • The secret laneways of Kensington Market: If you have not already been, Kensington Market is already a great place to visit. But by stepping off the main roads and exploring its many side streets, you will be treated to walk through some of the most eclectic and photogenic neighbourhoods in the city.

  • The Vog Vault: Located in the back of Fluevog Shoes, this illusion room is the perfect spot for your next awesome profile picture. Plus, you can do some shopping at the same time.

  • Crothers Woods lookout: Next to the Don River in Leaside, these woods are filled with winding pathways, old bridges, and stunning views of the city. A great location to see nature and take photos, Crothers Woods is a must.

  • Osgoode Hall: This is one of the oldest buildings in Toronto and holds a gorgeous library with immense, arching ceilings, and elaborate decoration. For all the book and architecture lovers visiting the city, Osgoode Hall will provide hours of fascinating discovery.

  • Craigleigh Gardens: Surrounded by gothic fences and old trees, these gardens offer a quiet place to enjoy a walk and a cup of coffee.

  • Wychwood Park: Located in one of Toronto’s oldest gated communities, this park is very beautiful and strongly rewards exploration with overgrown pathways and grand old houses from the city’s past.

  • Monkey’s Paw: An essential visit for book-lovers with an appreciation for the macabre, this book store offers an immense selection of works in all prices as well as the world’s first Biblio-Mat — a randomized book vending machine.

  • Bamboo Forest: If you are looking for the next location for an Instagram portrait shoot, this is the place. Located in the Donnelly Research Centre, this bamboo forest offers visitors a serene and beautiful space for relaxation or some photos.

  • Necropolis Cemetery: Fans of ghosts and ghouls are in for a treat here, with tours, gothic architecture, and endless creepy stories to be told.

  • Gates Gully: A beautiful, somewhat mysterious place to go for a walk, the Gates Gully is nonetheless, one of the best spots to take in views of Lake Ontario and learn about the area’s many legends.

If you are visiting Toronto for a short time and want to see as much of it as you can, the best way to get around is by hiring a chauffeur from AirFlight Services. Our highly trained team of drivers knows the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) better than anyone and will take you anywhere in the city, make recommendations on places to visit, and drive you to the airport in time when your trip is over.

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