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Top 4 Advantages of Personalized Pearson Airport Taxi Service

Whether you’re flying domestically or internationally, transportation to and from Pearson Airport needs to figure into your travel plans. While there are many ways to get from point A to point B, there’s only one mode that’s simultaneously affordable, comfortable, reliable and safe. AirFlight Services has provided citizens of the GTA and their visitors personalized Pearson Airport taxi transport for more than 45 years. There are many benefits of using our service but here are the top four.

Ride in comfort and style

Plush leather seats with ample legroom are available in all 100 of our cars. Our fleet of sedans and limos offers the utmost in luxury and comfort. Each vehicle is heated throughout the winter and equipped with AC to keep you cool in the summer months. In addition, our uniformed drivers provide a touch of class that you simply won’t find in a regular metred taxi.


We take pride in being there when you need us. Flight delayed? No problem. We’ll be waiting. Need a wake up call to get you going in time? We got it covered. Free wake up calls are one of our complimentary services. Need a 3 a.m. pickup? We’ll be there. Our taxis are on call 24/7 for airport transportation. Most importantly, our vast familiarity with Toronto and its surrounding areas means we’ll always take the quickest and least troublesome route. Furthermore, each of our sedans and limos is equipped with GPS so getting you where you need to go is never an issue.


Lets face it; regular metred cabs and ride shares are something of a gamble when it comes to your safety. But with AirFlight Services, your journey is guaranteed to be as safe as it is luxurious. All our drivers are highly experienced and expertly trained professionals. In addition, our cars are regularly maintained to avoid hazardous breakdowns at inopportune moments.

Pay a flat rate

Whether you’re flying to/from Pearson Airport or Toronto Island Airport, if you’re taking a metred taxi, you’re more than likely to hit traffic and therefore get a more hefty cab bill. With AirFlight Services, you’ll never experience this kind of price elevation as we always offer a flat rate to our clients. This often makes us a far more affordable option. Our rates are based on where you’re travelling from and neither traffic nor weather are considerations in your final balance.

Transport to Toronto Airport

Want to ride in a luxurious limo or sedan to/from the airport next time you travel? Simply contact us today or use our online booking service.


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