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Tips to Become a Professional Taxi or Limousine Driver in Toronto

Being licensed in the airport taxi or limousine service industry or other sectors of the for-hire transportation industry in the GTA isn’t easy. It requires patience, training, knowledge of the rules set by the city and a desire to provide excellent customer service. At AirFlight Services, we know how much dedication is needed to become a qualified Toronto taxi service professional. That’s why we only hire the most well-trained professionals and support them in their continuing efforts to remain up-to-date on the latest technologies and to continue to make their customer service as good as it can be.

What kind of training is involved in becoming a taxi service professional? Although we’ve become used to taxis as a feature of urban life, driving a taxi professionally takes a lot of knowledge to do well. To even get a license to drive a taxi means you’ve met Toronto’s rigorous screening standards. According to these screening standards, for example, if you’ve been convicted of speeding at a rate of more than 50 km/hour in the past five years or not stopping for a school bus, you are not allowed to have a taxi license. On top of the fees and screening that go into getting a taxi license, there is further training that the best taxi drivers undergo to ensure that they’re fully qualified not only in the unique challenges of driving a taxi in Toronto, but also in the extensive customer service skills required of a taxi driver or airport transportation service expert. For example, expert drivers must be familiar not only with the extensive Toronto bylaws regulating taxi drivers’ behaviour, they must also know the details of and comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. Add on to that a knowledge of car mechanics and familiarity with the (constantly changing) geography of Toronto and you have a lot of things to learn. A customer-first approach On top of the driving finesse required, keep in mind that being qualified to drive is one thing, encouraging positive interactions with a passenger is another. If you want to ensure satisfied customers and a happy employer, make sure to keep a positive, customer-first mentality once you do finish your training to become a professional taxi or limousine driver. What sort of services can you offer with a vehicle-for-hire license? At Airflight Services in Toronto, we offer a wide range of services that require a vehicle-for-hire license and extensive training. From luxury airport limousine transportation services to sightseeing tours, our chauffeurs are trained to escort you around Toronto safely and also in style. If you need airport limo or taxi services, contact us at AirFlight Services today.


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