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Tips for Travelling in Large Groups

Advice from Toronto’s Favourite Airport Limo Service

Travelling on your own is stressful enough — traffic on the way to the airport, long lines for checking baggage, delays, etc. But travelling in a large group makes all of those factors even more stressful and daunting. Suddenly, things like taking a cab or transporting luggage go from ‘standard concerns’ to ‘logistical nightmare’. But there are ways to make life easier, so you can enjoy your journey with your friends, colleagues, or family to the fullest. By following these simple tips from our airport limo service experts at AirFlight Services, you can make travelling in a large group an easy, less stressful experience.

Upcoming Travel in a Large Group? Use these Tips

  • Prepare to book for more: When traveling in large groups, there is always a good chance that someone else will decide to tag along to the airport at the last minute. Especially, when you are booking for your family, a group of nine or ten can quickly become more than that number. So, when you are booking an airport limo service, it is smart to anticipate that you may need a bigger vehicle (or vehicles) at the last minute and hire a company that is able to accommodate your group at short notice.

  • Book ahead of time: Arranging travel for a larger group has a very different set of requirements than it does for two or three people. When hiring a limo, vehicles with a larger capacity are not always as widely available at the last minute. The moment you know the details of your flight and the number of people you will be travelling with, you should go ahead and book your limo — the sooner the better. Not only will this guarantee you have transportation when you need it but will also be giving yourself one less thing to stress about.

  • Pack light: This is a smart rule regardless of how many you are travelling with. Keeping your baggage light becomes all the more important when you are part of a large group and there is a finite amount of trunk space. You do not want to reach your travel day and realize that entire luggage will not fit in your hired airport transportation. So, it is better to pack less and coordinate with everyone else to make sure they do the same.

  • Try to share a pickup point: If possible, having your airport limo service pick everyone up from the same place will save time and keeps everything running on schedule. If members of your group live far apart, you could end up getting delayed by traffic and wasting valuable time picking everyone up.

Above all, the best way to travel to the airport in a large group is with a limousine service that is reliable, flexible, and accommodating to your needs. For over 50 years, AirFlight Services has been providing the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with the highest quality service to Pearson International and Toronto Island Airport. Regardless of how big your group is, we will get you to and from your flight on time and in comfort.

Choose the best way to travel from the airport and hire AirFlight Services. Contact us for a free quote, book online today or call 800-268-6843 to learn about our Toronto airport limo service.

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