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Tips for Travelling During the Summer Holidays

The summer vacation is an age-old tradition that woos us away from our 9-to-5s and scurries us by taxi to Pearson Airport. Summer holidays are a great way to blow off steam, discover new places and make memories with loved ones. But like much else in life, vacations come with a degree of stress and mishap if not properly managed. Here are some tips to steer clear of unnecessary burdens and worries while you’re on holiday this summer.

Plan ahead

Not only does planning ahead often win you better rates on tickets and accommodations, it also relieves you of the stress of trying to wing-it at the last moment. Researching where you’d like to go, reading online reviews and booking things early are great ways to get your ducks in a row. Just don’t be too rigid when it comes to your plans. You still need to maintain a degree of flexibility to make the most of unexpected surprises like poor weather and unexpected closures.

Pack lightly and efficiently

Packing well is something of an art form, but it’s not difficult to master. Take only what you need and plan to get double duty on all clothing that you bring. Use plastic bags or saran wrap to keep liquid items sealed in the event of an accidental spillage. Compartmentalize your suitcase using clear Ziplocs so items are easy to find without needing to unpack and repack all your belongings. Finally, make sure to pack all valuables and a spare change of clothing in your carry-on.

Photo copy all your important documents

Passports, birth certificates, driver’s licenses and other identifying documentation for yourself and your family should all be photocopied and kept separately from their originals. In addition, make sure you photocopy the front and backs of credit cards in case they get lost or stolen. These measures can go a long way to protecting you in a number of scenarios.

Inform your bank

Let your bank and creditors know that you’ll be leaving town so that you can continue to use your cards while you’re on vacation. This will also prevent cards from getting suspended due to suspicion of fraud.

Book a taxi to Toronto Airport

To start your vacation off on the right foot, your transportation to Pearson Airport should be a relaxed and luxurious experience. AirFlight Services offers a choice of limousine or deluxe sedan to travellers heading to airports in the GTA. We’ve been providing Pearson Airport limo and taxi service for over 45 ears. Our flat rates in conjunction with our luxury vehicles and reliability sets us apart. Contact us today to book transportation for your upcoming vacation or use our online booking form.


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