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Tips and Tricks for the Busy Business Traveller

Advice from Toronto’s Favourite Airport Limo Service If you fly often for business, you know how difficult it can be to manage all the logistics of flying while also trying to meet your work obligations. Everything becomes an exercise in managing time and knowing how to prevent unexpected problems. To help you travel smarter and reduce stress, here are some useful, easy tips for the busy traveller from our airport limo service experts at AirFlight Services.

Top 5 Tips for Busy Business Travellers

  1. Capitalize on free time: If you travel a lot for business, conventional office hours are probably not something you are used to. Staying productive becomes all about finding even a few minutes at your boarding gate or in the limo ride from the airport and using those precious moments to your advantage rather than wasting them. These little moments of work will add up to a level of productivity which makes all the difference over time.

  2. Learn to power nap: Regularly crossing time zones can have a huge impact on your sleep cycle and overall health. Learning how to take a quick nap when you can will help keep you well rested and minimize the effects of jet lag.

  3. Invest in a backup battery: Phone and laptop batteries are not designed for the frequent traveller. And while most airlines now have proper plugs on their planes, you cannot always count on having a place to charge your electronics, which can be incredibly frustrating if you have a lot of work to do. By investing in a good, airline-approved battery pack, you can guarantee your laptop and phone at least an additional two charges. This way, you can see that your devices never run out of battery when you need them the most.

  4. Book dinners and hotels well in advance: Booking things like business meals, shows, or hotel rooms well in advance will ensure you don’t have to deal with fully booked establishments or quick-selling tickets. This will reduce your overall stress and the number of logistical factors you need to worry about when travelling.

  5. Hire a chauffeur service: Driving to and from the airport or getting around the city is the last thing you want to be worrying about when flying on business. Traffic, parking, or navigating unfamiliar routes are all concerns which get in the way of more important, business-related concerns which you would rather be devoting your time and efforts to. This is why you need to hire a chauffeur service to take care of all that with reliable, accommodating service to suit your travel needs.

For 5 more helpful tips for smooth business travel, click here. AirFlight Services has been serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for over 50 years, providing the highest quality of chauffeur and limo services for busy travellers. Whether you are going to and from Pearson International or Toronto Island Airport or seeing the sights around Toronto, we are here to meet your needs, driving you in comfort. Choose the best way to travel from the airport and hire AirFlight Services. Contact us for a free quote, book online today or call 800-268-6843 to learn about our Toronto airport limo service.

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