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The Best Ways to Beat Jet Lag

Advice from Toronto’s Favourite Airport Limo Service Jet lag is the part of flying we all dread. Especially when travelling on business, the thought of going through meetings and late-night networking dinners exhausted and wanting to sleep is something everyone would rather avoid. At AirFlight Services, we not only get you to the airport safely and comfortably but also help you have the best travel experience overall. To help you beat jet lag, our airport limo service experts at AirFlight Services have compiled this list of tips to get you through.

Top 5 Tips for Beating Jet Lag

  • Stay healthy: Flying on an airplane already puts your body through a lot of stress and strain. By the time your plane lands, odds are you will be dehydrated and exposed to more germs than we’d care to consider. It is important, therefore, to stay healthy and drink lots of water. It is all the more important when flying that you are aware of what your body needs to maintain a strong immune system. If you eat junk food, consume alcohol, and do not drink enough water, you will come off your flight feeling even worse and take longer to get past the jet lag.

  • Sleep on the plane: You will want to sleep on a plane anyways because flying can be extremely boring and the less of it you have to be conscious for the better. But sleeping also helps your body adjust to a new time zone and it means you will not feel as tired the next day.

  • Do not force it: Though there are ways to make jet lag easier to deal with, ultimately it is a process your body needs to go through. If you try and force yourself past the tiredness, you may end up putting yourself through additional strain which will only make things worse. The trick is simply to rest as much as you can and accept it rather than fight it.

  • Stay active: If you can, go for a walk or find the hotel gym and do a light cardio workout. This will not only keep you healthy but can also give you a little boost of energy to help get through the day.

  • Get to know your surroundings: If you have some time to spare, take a few hours after the flight to move around and get to know the place you are visiting. The activity and stimulus will help you feel less tired and it is a great way to have a little fun if you are travelling on business.

For more on time-saving tips for a smooth and quick flight, read these tips from our airport taxi service experts at AirFlight Services here. If you have a long ride to and from the airport, hiring a limousine will make the struggles of jet lag all the easier to deal with. A cozy, quiet car can be a great place to catch up on sleep and keep you relaxed by avoiding having to deal with traffic or public transportation. If you are visiting Toronto, AirFlight Services also offers a chauffeur to take you around the city and recommend the best places to visit while you are here. Choose the best way to travel from the airport and hire AirFlight Services. Contact us for a free quote, book online today or call 800-268-6843 to learn about our Toronto airport limo service.


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