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Perfectly Pack a Business Suit

Businessmen often have one stylish goal in common: to look professional. One of the most effective ways to do just that is by keeping your suit neat and wrinkle-free. Unfortunately, professional men also have something in common that complicates the neat, wrinkle-free look: constant packing and unpacking. But for every businessman out there, don’t fret. Packing, and maintaining the “pressed” look, just got a whole lot easier with our step-by-step instructions on how to perfectly pack a business suit.

Fold and Pack a Suit Jacket

  1. Place hands in the shoulders of jacket with the front of the jacket facing you

  2. Fold jacket in half by placing the two shoulders together (so that it is longer than it is wide)

  3. Fold both of the shoulders inside out (over the other) so that the lining of the jacket faces outward

  4. Fold jacket in half by folding the shoulders down to end of jacket

If you want to create a cushion for the jacket (to avoid creasing along the waistline) place your folded pants in fold of the jacket.

Fold and Pack Pants

  1. Lay pants out on the side (one leg over the other so it appears as if it is one leg)

  2. Fold pants in half

  3. Fold pants in half again

Fold and Pack Shirts

  1. Lay shirt flat out on the ground with the front side down

  2. Fold sleeves across the back and then down the side (creates a 45° angle from shoulder)

  3. Fold both sleeves in toward the middle (the shirt will be the width of the collar)

  4. Fold bottom of shirt up (where cuffs end and sleeves meet) about 4-5” from bottom of shirt

  5. Fold shirt in half

Polish and Pack Shoes (and Socks)

  1. Polish shoes

  2. Roll socks and place them inside the shoe (they will act as a “shoe tree,” helping your shoe keep its shape)

  3. Place shoes in shoe bag to avoid scuffs

Pack Ties and Cuff Links

  1. If you don’t have a leather tie case, no need to worry. Fold and roll up ties and place them in a plastic bag

  2. To maintain your overall look and appearance, don’t forget cuff links by placing them in plastic bags to keep them safe from stain and scuffs.

No matter how many times you have to pack and unpack, you can stay stylish and suave by following this foolproof how-to. Let the packing begin! And don't forget to plan your travels with our helpful services. See our home page for more information.

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