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Need a Toronto Deli that Delights Your Well-Refined Taste Buds?

You’ve travelled around the world, and you’ve refused to live on saltine crackers when you travel. You visited the best of the local restaurants, sampling the native cuisine so that you could get a feel for the culture. When you travel to Toronto, you’re entering a well-established food scene. This bustling city has many restaurants with refined menus and great atmospheres, but many people might say that Toronto’s delis take the cake when it comes to sampling local flavour.

Toronto’s Top 3 Delis

If you’d like to sample some of Toronto’s gourmet delis, you definitely shouldn’t miss the ones on this list: #1: Caplansky’s Deli Sometimes you need an extremely concentrated dose of protein right in the middle of the day, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at this incredible deli. Even a regular sandwich is enough to keep you full through all of your business meetings. You’ll eat the world’s most delicious sliced brisket between two slices of rye bread. Caplansky’s can overwhelm your umami cravings with more than just sandwiches though. Try their poutine fries—in laymen’s terms, fries covered in beef gravy and cheese curds. You may even want to try their knish, which is a potato and beef-filled pastry that’ll leave such an impression on you that you’ll wake up craving it in the middle of the night. No matter what you get at this deli, you’ll leave wholly satisfied and ready to face a day full of necessary tedium. #2: Ben & Izzy’s Deli If you prefer a more kosher deli, try Ben & Izzy’s. They don’t have any dairy in their menu, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have an amazing experience if you go there. Like Caplansky’s, they also serve excellent meats in their deli sandwiches. The pastrami and chicken club sandwiches will definitely keep you feeling satisfied through your afternoon meetings. As good as the sandwiches are, the Babke French toast at Ben & Izzy’s will give you a truly mind-blowing experience. Babke is a type of bread with chocolate swirled into it and pudding inserted into the centre. The chefs fry it in egg and load it with beef bacon. #3: Corned Beef House As its name suggests, this deli prides itself on its corned beef. Of course, a variety of other meats such as Black Forest ham or turkey is also available. If you decide that you want to try out this deli, you should definitely give their Reuben sandwich a taste. The deli adds a homemade sauce that adds extra zest and creaminess to the sandwich. The Corned Beef House also offers daily soups and homemade cheesecake, so you can get a variety of flavours to delight your palate.

Need a Ride to These Toronto Delis?

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