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Looking for Airport Transportation in Toronto? Consider Your Options Carefully

You have your bags packed, and you are ready to take off to the airport. The only thing left on your to-do list is booking transportation to and from. Your friends and family may recommend ride-sharing, like Uber, because of the low prices and convenient app orders.

While Uber is certainly an option, it may not be the most reliable transportation to the airport. Also, when choosing your transportation provider, you need to consider carefully who is behind the wheel and how much that ride might cost you. 4 Factors to Consider When Comparing Ride-Sharing to Other Airport Transportation Options Before you book your ride on the Uber app, see what other services offer airport transportation in Toronto. Then, carefully examine the options. A few items to compare first include:

  • Costs - While you should not base your decision solely on price, you must consider what you get for the cost. Companies like Uber have fluctuating prices, which are based on demand. If your flight is during a peak hour, you could be charged a higher rate. With recent changes to their app, Uber does notify you of this higher rate before you book your ride, but why pay more than you should? A traditional airport transportation service has flat rates, and they do not fluctuate based on time or peak travel.

  • Drivers - Uber and other ride-sharing app drivers are minimally insured by the company, and they are not employees of that company. Most are 18 to 37 years old and looking to earn some extra cash. Driving is by no means their full-time job or career. A professional airport transportation service has licensed, professional drivers. These individuals are employees of the company (not independent contractors), and they are insured and subjected to thorough background checks. Not all ride-sharing services usually conduct background checks on their drivers.

  • Comfort - Ride-sharing services require the drivers to use their own vehicles, so you do not know what type of transport will arrive. With a professional service, a limo or luxury town car will pick you up and take you where you need to go.

  • Expertise – Drivers with professional transportation services know the routes to and from the airport. Therefore, if there is a delay due to construction or an accident, they know alternate routes to ensure you reach in time. Ride-sharing apps have independent drivers who may not know the area well and may be inexperienced at getting around the common obstacles on the airport route.

Why deal with the extra pricing and last minute stress of a ride-sharing service when you can book ahead with AirFlight Services? All our drivers are professional, licensed, insured, and our vehicles are maintained in pristine condition. Our drivers show up on time and will ensure you make it to your destination with time to spare. Even with a tight budget, our airport transportation in Toronto is surprisingly affordable. Avoid the unknowns of ride-sharing and book a ride for airport transportation in Toronto with AirFlight Services. Contact us for a free quote, book online today or call 1-800-268-6843 to learn about our services.


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