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How Early Should I Book a Toronto Airport Limo Before a Vacation?

Going on vacation is an exciting time, but also requires a significant amount of preparation to go off without a hitch. Researching your destination, packing appropriate clothing and organizing your home before your leave should always take top priority. Don’t let details like how you’ll get to the airport get lost in the excitement! If you are in need of Pearson airport transportation, AirFlight Services offers a range of vehicle types, price points and packages to get you there on-time and stress-free.

When to Book Your Pearson Airport Transportation It may not be the most memorable part of your getaway, but getting to the airport is crucial for starting your trip on the right foot. Rather than relying on a family member, friend, or public transit to get you where you’re going, hire a reliable source. Not sure how far in advance you should arrange your Toronto airport limo with us? Below are some tips to consider for avoiding stress and disappointment:

  • Time of Year – If you’re travelling during the holidays, remember that not only will the airports be busy, but so will taxi and limo drivers! If you are travelling during peak season in the summer, you will want to give yourself plenty of time to book. Beat the rush and enjoy peace of mind by booking at the same time you book your flight. If you are travelling during a less popular time, you will have more flexibility but should still avoid waiting until the last minute.

  • Personal Preferences – If you would like a particular type of vehicle to take you and your family to the airport, book early to choose from a larger selection. Your advanced planning will pay off with first pick and help you get the exact service type and timeframe you want for your Pearson airport transportation pickup and drop off. Depending on the number of people going to the airport, your group may be better suited to a limousine rather than a four-passenger vehicle. Similarly, if you have specific accommodation requirements for the purpose of disability, strollers, or an abundance of luggage, please specify at the time of booking so a vehicle can be dispatched to meet your needs.

  • Travel Time – Your distance from the airport, the time you have to catch your flight, and the size of the airport you are being taken to will impact how early you should book. If your flight is at an unusual time, such as the middle of the night or during rush hour, contact us in advance. Giving your airport taxi company enough notice will allow them to plan properly for traffic and travel times and get you to your destination.

Our Toronto Airport Limos Are Ready When You Are

Count on the trusted airport limo or taxi service from AirFlight Services to get you to the airport for your next vacation. Start the trip stress-free, as you sit back and relax while our driver delivers you to your terminal. If you’re not sure how far in advance to book your limo, remember that the earlier you book the better. For a wide selection from our fleet and to secure your pickup and drop off times, schedule your transportation in advance. Contact AirFlight Services to book a Toronto airport limo for a pickup and drop off at Pearson International Airport. Contact us to schedule today online or by calling 1‑800‑268‑6843.


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