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GPS Technology in Our Toronto Limos and Taxis

Booking quality airport transportation is one of the most important components of successfully planning a trip to Toronto. Not only do you want to travel in comfort and style, but you want to ensure you receive prompt and professional service as well. One of the ways to make sure that your limo service to and from the Toronto Pearson International Airport meets these standards is to hire a company that uses built-in GPS tracking.

GPS tracking has numerous benefits for limo and taxi companies, including that they allow the driver to provide accurate and safer transportation for passengers who are often in a rush to and from the airport. It’s important to ask ahead of time if the company you choose for transportation is equipped with a GPS system. For AirFlight Services, the advantages we see of adapting GPS navigation in all of our vehicles are as follows:

Accurate Navigation

GPS navigation allows drivers to take the most direct route to your destination, cutting down on fuel costs and driving time. This ensures that passengers get exactly where they need to go in the most timely and efficient manner possible. By avoiding unnecessarily long routes, drivers are able to provide transportation to more travelers and passengers save money due to shorter travel times.

Safer Driving

GPS is a highly effective tool for safer driving because it provides drivers with accurate maps, tracks speed and movements, and allows the driver to call for help in the event of an emergency. A vehicle with built-in GPS tracking is, essentially, always being monitored, giving passengers the enhanced peace of mind that comes with knowing that the driving will be safer and that help is never far away.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

More accurate navigation, shortened driving times, and a greater sense of safety all contribute to increased customer satisfaction. If you choose to go with a transportation company that has taken the initiative to outfit its fleet with built-in GPS tracking, then you are not likely to be disappointed. At AirFlight Services, we pride ourselves on providing high quality, professional transportation for both business and vacation travelers. The use of GPS technology is just one of the ways we consistently live up to the high standards our customers set for us each day.

Looking for Airport Transportation in Toronto?

Reap the benefits of GPS tracking technology on your next trip by booking your airport transportation in Toronto to get you to and from Pearson Airport or the Toronto Island Airport. We provide airport taxis in Oakville, Markham, Mississauga, Vaughan, and surrounding areas of the Greater Toronto Area. Contact us today to book an airport limo or taxi for your next getaway!


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