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Flat Rates VS. Metred Rates: Which is Right for You?

This is an often wondered about answer when it comes to travelling by car service or cab to the airport: should I opt for a fixed or metred rate? While both options have their own merits, it is important to be as informed as possible so you make the right decision for you and the occasion. At Airflight Services, we give our clients the exact price before they even get in the car and we work tirelessly to provide gold standard service so our clients experience worry-free transport. Let our team of airport limousine service drivers show you exactly why a fixed rate is beneficial to you—especially when travelling to and from the airport.

Metred rates When you get into a cab, typically there’s a metre located on the front of the driver’s dashboard. While metred rates can be beneficial in certain situations, they pose one major problem: unpredictability. Because of the way metres calculate the cost of your journey, you can never entirely know how much a trip is going to cost. One trip to the airport might cost $25 and your next one might cost $60. Fares are determined by time and distance travelled. This means that if you get caught in traffic, you’ll still be charged for the additional time spent in the cab. Flat rate A flat rate should always be your preferred payment option when it comes to choosing a Toronto airport limo or taxi service. Knowing exactly how much you’ll be paying, regardless of how long your trip takes is a huge advantage. Here’s a short list of some of the reasons a flat rate can be beneficial for your trip.

  • It helps with budgeting. When planning a trip, budgeting can be a nightmare. Knowing how much your travel accommodations cost beforehand will help alleviate some stress.

  • You won’t have to worry about traffic. Road conditions are unpredictable. And that won’t change, even if you’re in the back seat of a Toronto airport limousine. Having a flat rate means never having to look at the metre and cringing every time it rises by another dollar.

  • You can write up your expenses in advance. If you’re on a business trip, you can declare your expenses beforehand. Getting receipts from cab companies can be a nightmare. With Airflight Services Toronto airport limos, you won’t have to worry about obtaining the cost of your trip for your business records.

If you’re flying into Toronto and looking for an airport limo or taxi service, give us a call at Airflight Services. Our cars can take you almost anywhere around the Toronto area. Visit us here for more information regarding our services.


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