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Find Grand Hotels in the Greater Toronto Area

Toronto is more than the greenery of High Park and lively character of St. Lawrence market. It’s grander than the colossal CN Tower and deluxe Casa Loma. As a step above the rest, Toronto is a destination city that should leave you feeling like you are in the lap of luxury—and it should all start with your accommodations. There’s not much that can compete with the satisfying feeling of living in style. The question then is: how can you travel to the GTA and obtain your desired level of style without draining your bank account? Here’s a foolproof way to find a hotel that meets your ritzy (albeit reasonable) requirements.

Hello, Concierge

Finding a hotel with a skilled concierge is like finding gold in a fire pit. A concierge can fill you in on the wheres, whens, whats, and hows of city life. Not only do they offer friendly advice, they will assist you with the must-dos of vacation, including:

  • Restaurant reservations

  • Spa service arrangement

  • Night life hot spot recommendations

  • Transportation service

  • Special event ticket buying

  • Travel and tour arrangement

Hello, Cuisine

Did someone say all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet? Whether the hotel you’re staying at offers late morning buffets or round-the-clock room service, you need to make sure they have some sort of dining schedule that fits your busy work/play days. A handful of hotels offer complementary breakfasts that are actually quite tasty—consider saving on outside dining and spending a few extra hours eating in the comfort of your own hotel lobby or room.

Hello, Quality Sleep & Silence

A night of sound sleep can make all the difference. If you’re eager to feel rejuvenated and show up to your day’s activities or business meetings without the slightest sign of grogginess, find a hotel that is quiet. Most online rating sites give extra stars for hotels that offer a relaxing atmosphere—keep that in mind when booking yours.

Hello, Close Proximity

You won’t have to worry about your habit of hitting snooze: hotels that are in close proximity to conference centers, airports, and city centers will save you time and money. If you spend less time worrying about paying extra cab fares or bus fees, you can spend more time concentrating at meetings or having an entertaining night out on the town. Book a hotel in a centralized location—you won’t regret it for a second. If you want to arrive at your hotel in luxury, book one of our 24/7 airport limousine transportation services. Start your vacation out right—contact us today.


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