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Convenient and Comfortable: Choosing the Right Luggage for Travel

Looks are not everything when it comes to travelling. You want to arrive in style, but you don’t want to spend your business trip or holiday battling with an insufficient, oversized, or otherwise inconvenient piece of luggage. If you are looking for a new carryall or suitcase to transport your belongings for your next trip, use the tips below to guide your decision. How to Choose the Best Luggage for Airport Transportation Choose from the following three options and do some research to find the perfect bag for your travel needs:

  1. Carry-On – Travelling becomes a lot easier and faster if you can avoid waiting for checked luggage at the airport. A carryon suitcase can fit a surprising amount of belongings, and can still allow you to take everything you need for your trip. This option is great for people who take short business trips to the city or travelers who find themselves on journeys that involve a lot of flights. Be sure to check airlines for different regulations. International flights arriving in Pearson will have different regulations than smaller airline flights within Europe or Asia.

  2. Backpack – If you find yourself on the move frequently, or travelling to multiple destinations for an extended period of time, this luggage style could be the right option. Seen as a sort of ‘rite of passage’ among young travellers, more and more people are opting for the flexibility, durability, and efficiency offered by backpack luggage. New styles incorporate wheels, cross body straps, and removable sections for maximum flexibility. Choose a reputable brand and invest in your backpack. Try to make sure you find one that fits your body and has features suited to your travel style.

  3. Suitcase – This traditional traveller’s must-have is great for fitting everything you need. After arriving at your destination, you are sure to see many black suitcases rotating around the luggage pickup area. Choose a fun colour for convenience. Test the zippers and try to choose the smallest size you can manage to make maneuvering it easier. Wheels are essential to make movement faster and you should check for strong, sturdy straps and handles. Different types will give you more options to securely lift, move, and relocate your luggage. Test these features in the store and check for interior pockets to make packing and organization easier.

Once you have found the perfect luggage for your trip, book your airport transportation for even more convenient travel. The safe, insured, and experienced drivers at AirFlight Services can help with your luggage and get you to Pearson International on time for departure. Whether you need pick up with Pearson airport taxi services to arrive at your accommodation in Toronto or need door-to-door drop-off home after a long flight, we can provide the right transportation for a great trip from beginning to end. Choose the right luggage and the right airport pick up and drop off service when you book your airport taxi or Pearson airport limo today. Call AirFlight Services at 1-800-268-6843 for Pearson airport transportation or contact us online.


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