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Choosing a Transportation Service to Take You to the Airport

When you have a flight to catch, Toronto airport transportation can make or break your trip. You need to be on time, while also ensuring your chosen transportation is within your travel budget and is stress-free. While you may assume that relying on a family member to take you to the airport or using public transportation is the best option, you may be surprised what these choices may cost you in both time and money.

Toronto Airport Limousines & Taxis vs. Public Transit Options

Penny-pinching is not recommended when it comes to travel. When you are choosing between a limousine service, taxi or public transportation, you may want to compare all of the pros and cons: Time - Sometimes the departure time of your flight makes public transportation impossible, especially if it is late at night or very early in the morning. Also, public transportation schedules are set and are not designed to coincide with arrivals and departures of flights. This means you may arrive too early or too late depending on delays and traffic congestion. A Toronto airport taxi or limousine service, on the other hand, can schedule a pick-up and drop-off to coincide with your schedule so you are not competing with other passengers or battling time constraints. Cost – Taxis and limousines are much more affordable than many travellers may realize. By hiring a company such as AirFlight Services, you are able to receive a detailed breakdown of your predicted costs depending on the distance you are travelling. In contrast, public transportation methods such as the new UP Express in Toronto may seem more convenient, but can be a hassle if you are lugging a large suitcase far distances around the city before making it to the platform. Safety – Hiring an established Toronto airport limousine service like AirFlight Services may also be safer than taking public transportation or a rideshare program. Not only are the drivers licensed and well-trained, but they have gone through extensive background checks and hold clean driving records. You can’t always trust who is driving a rideshare vehicle or predict the behaviours of other passengers on public transit. By hiring a licensed airport taxi or limousine in Toronto, you can be sure you and your luggage will be safe during your travels to and from the airport. Relaxation – It is often difficult to relax while taking public transportation to and from the airport. With a professional limousine or taxi service in Toronto, you will be treated to luxury in a clean and spacious vehicle. You should be relaxed before and after your vacation. Don’t risk the headaches of public transportation, and book a taxi or limousine with a licensed company such as AirFlight Services. AirFlight Services offers Toronto Island Airport and Pearson taxi services in our well-maintained limousines. While riding with us, you can enjoy a chauffeured ride in a relaxing, stress-free environment. Book a Markham airport taxi, or across the Greater Toronto Area in Oakville, Vaughan, Mississauga, Burlington, and Richmond Hill today. Contact us online for a free quote or call 800‑268‑6843 to book your airport limo service.


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