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Booking Corporate Limo Services in Toronto

Travel is just part of your business routine, but to ensure a comfortable trip for yourself and other team members consider using a corporate limo service. Limos are not just for special occasions, luxury travel and couples on romantic getaways. They also offer corporate travellers numerous advantages that rental cars and taxis simply cannot provide.

Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Limo Service

When hiring a corporate limo service for your employees or clients, you can take advantage of:

  • Reduced liability - since you do not have to worry about employees driving rental cars, drinking and driving, etc.

  • Increasing employee morale - because hiring a limo for your staff makes them feel more special and valued by your corporation.

  • Convenience and a guarantee - your employees will get to their destination on time. Whether they are travelling somewhere familiar or not, your employees will not have to hassle with rental cars, navigating through traffic, etc. They can even conduct business while enjoying the limo ride.

  • Reliability & security – all of our drivers are registered and fully licensed to operate a limo in Toronto, which means you and your company will always be reassured of the quality of the car and driver picking you up.

Tips for Booking a Pearson Airport Limousine Service

If booking an airport limo in Toronto, follow these useful tips:

  • Booking Your Service Early - Limousines are rented for multiple occasions; therefore, you must book your Pearson airport limo as soon as possible to ensure availability.

  • Set Up a Corporate Account - To make payments easier and offer your executives limousine rides throughout the year, consider setting up a corporate account with a trusted and established limousine service.

  • Research Before Signing - Because a corporate account often comes with a contract, you will want to research the service provider before you sign. Make sure they have various limousines available, review their service packages and of course, their pricing. You must also check their licensing and insurance to make sure it is up to date.

AirFlight Services provides corporate accounts to business executives. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, our flexible packages and competitive pricing offer you the corporate limo service you need. Just some of the benefits you will enjoy by using our services include:

  • Airport pick up and drop off

  • Impressive, clean limousines with friendly, professional drivers

  • Meeting services, event services and after-hours transportation

Have a Pearson airport limo standing by for your next trip by setting up a corporate account with AirFlight Services today. Apply for a corporate account online or call us at 800‑268‑6843 to learn more.


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