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Benefits of Pearson Airport Taxi Service over Public Transportation

Your flight is booked, you’ve gone shopping for last minute items, and you’ve begun to pack, but have you thought about how you’ll get to the airport? If you are weighing your options for Pearson airport taxi services, consider this helpful guide.


From the TTC’s new additions to hailed cabs and pre-arranged airport taxis, there are plenty of options for Toronto residents and visitors to make it to the airport. Consider the pros and cons of each: UP Express – One of the latest additions to Toronto’s transit system is the long-overdue link between Union Station and Pearson International airport. It’s a convenient option for those who are near the downtown core. For those who are visiting outside the city or live in areas of Toronto that are off the subway line, the journey to Union can take an hour or more. This trip, with luggage in tow, will be followed by the 25 minute ride to the airport. While it may seem convenient, it may not always be the most reliable or cost-effective option. Relying on Family Members – While it may be easy to simply ask a family member to take you and pick you up from the airport, it may be an inconvenience depending how far away you live. Family and friends may be busy or be unsure of the best route to take to get you there on time. Similarly, driving the vehicle on your own and parking it at the airport can become very costly, especially if you are planning to be away for a week or more. Ride Share Programs – While this option is attractive to many, you can never be sure who exactly is driving you. To ensure a stress-free ride, you’ll want to hire a company that is insured, professional, and have experience navigating complex routes around the city, especially in a traffic jam. Pearson Airport Taxi Services – The most reliable option for airport transportation is to a hire Pearson airport limo or taxi service. Arranging your transportation ahead of time will allow you to focus on packing and saying goodbyes, rather than finding your way to the airport at the last minute. The set pickup time, no matter how early or late, and door-to-door service make it tough to beat. There are cost-effective and luxurious options available to suit every budget. Plus, you can rely on experienced drivers to get you there safely and on time, regardless of traffic or weather conditions.


The main criteria for your airport transportation should be reliability, safety, and reasonable cost. Don’t take chances when expensive flight tickets and vacation plans are on the line. Hire Pearson airport taxi services from AirFight Services to get you there. We offer a variety of services and have years of experience bringing customers to the Toronto airport. We can also provide flat rates and will share the costs with you upfront so you can budget for your trip. Contact us online today to schedule your airport pick-up and drop-off or by calling 1‑800‑268‑6843.


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