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Metered vs. Flat Rates for Toronto Airport Limos

Taking a flight means calculating costs, weighing options, and spending money! Travelling isn’t cheap, but it is worth the money for new experiences. If you are calculating the budget for your trip, you should consider hiring a Toronto airport limo to take you to the airport. If you are thinking about hailing a cab or calling one in advance, it can be helpful to understand the difference between a running meter and flat rates. Save money on the commute and spend it at your destination instead by getting to the airport with an affordable ride.


When planning transportation to and from the airport, few of us actually take the time to calculate the difference or really understand how these charges work. Read on to learn more about the difference between a running meter or a flat rate, and which can help you save money on your Toronto airport limo.

Metered Rates

These charges vary for each city, but in Toronto they are closely regulated. Time and distance factor into this charge. For every 0.143 km travelled, 25 cents will be added to the meter. In addition, every 29 seconds of time spent waiting in traffic will add another 25 cents to the meter. The initial charge of $3.25 is fixed, no matter how far you will be travelling. If you are with a group larger than 4 people, an additional 2 dollars for each person will be added. If there is heavy traffic or unstable weather conditions, it is common to watch the meter climb and money fly out of your pocket as you remain very far from the airport.

Flat Rates

Flat rates eliminate any surprises about your total bill, regardless of unexpected traffic accidents or inclement weather. If you are travelling for business, expenses are made easy by a flat charge. The flat rate is calculated based on several factors. Distance, gas prices, tip, and the meter price are used to determine a fair wage. At AirFlight Services, we provide information about flat rates based on the distance you are from the airport before you even step into one of our vehicles. Set prices give you peace of mind that you have enough money to pay for your Pearson airport transportation and funds to enjoy luxuries while you are on your trip.

Book Your Pearson Airport Taxi with Us Today

Rely on the team of friendly and professional drivers at AirFlight Services to get you to any of the Toronto airports for a fair price, on time and in style. We offer a range of Pearson airport taxi options and luxury limousines to suit your needs and budget. Enjoy saving money while riding in comfort to the airport for your next getaway. AirFlight Services offers flat rate airport taxi pick-up and drop-off services in Toronto. Contact us for a free quote. You can also book online today or call to schedule your door-to-door transportation at 1‑800‑268‑6843.


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